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April 8 and 9, 2017
Warrior Spirit Christian Conference
Gonzales, Texas
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God Told Me To Share My Secret Weapon With You
Victoria Boyson

When the enemy comes in like a flood, he tries everything he can to seem to have more powerful than what you have to resist him with. But even the smallest weapon in the hands of a person of faith is a weapon of mass destruction to the enemy's flood.

One of the tricks he uses to shake you is simply to overwhelm you with fear, yet the peace of God is more than a match for any amount of fear the enemy unleashes against you. When we fellowship with ALMIGHTY GOD, nothing the enemy has or ever will have against us can prevent us from stepping into the peace of God that exists for EVERY Christian.




Seventeen Years of Grace Beginning in 201 7

The Return: "My Prodigals Want to Come Home"

An Expectant HOPE: "Watch For Me to Release Myself!"

For Such A Time As This!

Intercessors Advance to the Frontline:
Your Greatest Victories Are Ahead of You!

For Those Who Endure Slander: God Honors the Faithful
By Cassandra Boyson

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God is abounding in His love for you and He wants you to receive it from Him no matter how you may have been treated by those professing to know Him. If they had truly known Him, they would have loved you. Indeed, you are the very apple of His eye. You are the sole purpose of Christ's death and resurrection. It was for you He died.

Please receive His gift of grace and allow Him to forgive you of your past and give you a fresh start for your future. This is what He wants to do for you. Don't deny Him the pleasure of touching your life today and making you brand new!

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