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Billy the Bully
Victoria Boyson

Intimidation is one of the greatest and  sometimes the only weapon a bully has. Once we  refuse to be intimidated, he loses his power over us. It is only when we stand our ground and face the bully that we gain our freedom - when we  face the thing we fear, it no longer  has power over us.

Going back about 35 plus  years when I was in the third grade, I was bullied by a boy named Billy. He was big, much bigger than any other third grader in my class.  Unfortunately, without question, I  was the smallest student in my class and I was  usually the last one picked for any athletic game we played. So, I was  easily intimidated by someone seemingly much bigger and bolder than  myself, and Billy became someone I wanted  to avoid at all cost.

But as much as I  wanted to keep away from Billy, he was winning the battle of  confrontation and intimidation. One day he told me he was going to beat  me up after school and I believed him, because  he meant it.

So, what did I do? I ran from school the minute the bell rang!

I was terrified of him and remember thinking, "All I have to do is get to the bus," because I knew that once I got there, the  high schoolers would protect me from him.

As I ran from him, Billy ran after me and, being at least twice my size,  was gaining ground. I gave it all I had and ran as fast as I could and  almost made it, but he caught up  with me right before I made it to the safety of the  bus.

I thought, "This is it, I'm going to get it. I've got to  face him now." So, I turned and planted what little there was of me and  faced what, to my  third-grade mind, was a great giant. Billy did not  even stop when I turned to face him - he was not the least bit affected  by my defiant stance.

He threw himself at me and I thought,  "This is gonna hurt." I  waited for him to flatten me, but at the last second I crouched down to shield myself. As I ducked, Billy flew over the top  of my head and when he did, I saw it as a moment for my escape. So, I  jumped up and threw him off of me  and I completely flipped him over my head. He landed flat on his back behind me and I ran to safety.

On the bus, all I could think was, "I was safe." I didn't even have time to realize what  had happened. I  certainly hadn't planned it - I wouldn't have known  how to, but when I reached the bus it exploded in a roar of cheers and  laughter.

"DID YOU SEE THAT LITTLE GIRL FLIP BILLY JONES?!" they roared, laughing with  shock and delight.

They were laughing and  cheering, but I was sweating and almost crying. After I caught my  breath, I suddenly realized what I did and was totally amazed. I did not have it in me - I wasn't a fighter.  Or was I? The only thing I did do was to stand my  ground and that was only because I had no other options left open to me.

I knew then as I know now, God was with me. He fought the  battle that day. All I had to do was  stand my ground and He defended me. I asked Him for  His protection and He gave me it and victory over my enemy as well.

Jezebel Failed
Bullies have been with us throughout history and they come in all shapes  and sizes. One of the most infamous Biblical bullies is Queen Jezebel, although she is more like a bully-terrorist. She'd  built a reputation of intimidation, proving she could make good on her  threats against anyone who apposed  her way of thinking. With one threat from Jezebel,  Elijah ran in fear for his life (1 Kings 19:2-3).

In an elaborate display of God's power, Elijah had conquered and killed the prophets of Baal (2 Kings 18:30-40). Yet,  with one word from Jezebel, he ran away and prayed  for death to come to him. He was overcome by discouragement and  loneliness (2 Kings 19:4) because he was lied to and he believed the  lies.

Jezebel had indeed killed many of the Lord's prophets, but she still could not make good on her threats against Elijah. The Lord not only sustained  him in his despair, it was because of Jezebel's blatant attacks against  him and others that God sent His plan of attack against her.

It was she, not Elijah, who would die - she was killed by her household servants (2 Kings 9: 33).

"Bring It!"
The morning after the 2012 elections we're over, I had such a tremendous  time with God bathing me in His presence - it was  wonderful. Right in the middle of this wonderful time, the Lord opened  up a vision to me and I saw a huge storm-like cloud. It looked like a  dust cloud you would have seen  during the dust bowl in the 1930s.

It was  enormous, I could not see the ends of it and it was several hundred feet high in the air. Rolling and seething like it was alive, it moved  across fields and prairies picking up  steam as it came roaring toward me. Looking at it  more closely, I saw it was indeed, dust, but it was also filled with a  demonic presence that seemed to have a vengeance agenda. I realized this was not a storm in the natural,  but in the supernatural realm - an ugly, seething  demonic dust storm.

Sounds scary, yet I stood before the storm completely unafraid of it. I knew that God was with me and He would help me.

Earlier that morning,  I had seen a vision of the Lion of Judah filled with fire running toward the Earth. I felt His intensity and fury. My spirit was immediately at attention as He spoke, "I am on the move."

So, I stood my ground  before the storm, refusing to be intimidated by it  and screamed out as loud as I could in a defiant declaration, "BRING  IT!" meaning we refuse to be intimidated any longer by your threats - we are ready for a fight,  because with Christ we know we'll win!

I  sought the Lord for an answer. I knew it was a demonic presence that was bent on our destruction, but Father God said the dust in the storm  represents our fleshly words, curses  and even destructive soulish prayers.

The  storm of dust was formed by our words. Regardless of our political  leanings, our enemy was feasting on our words and gaining strength. We  together have created a monster storm  of hate-filled demonic power attempting to  intimidate us with our own worst fears.

As intercessors for this nation, we do have the authority to repent for words spoken and  dismantle the storm by removing its right to  exist. With the Lord by our side, we have nothing to fear if we stand our ground and fight with Him to save this nation and  ourselves. It's time we cleared out the dirt that's entered the  atmosphere through fear and anger -  it's time for some serious house cleaning!

As a nation, we face a world of all kinds of bullies and some that seem  insurmountable. Some say we should accept it all as God's judgment or an end-time agenda. But even in  Revelation as it speaks of the great tribulation,  the Body of Christ is found to have selfless courage and fought with the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11).  So, where does it say we just give  up and sleep through our destruction? It simply  doesn't.

There has always been tribulation since Christ - we  were not promised an easy road. No, we were promised persecution. All  over the world Christians have fought  tirelessly for Christ. Now God wants to awaken us to stand with them.

When I talk to God about America, I am  overwhelmed by His love and dedication for this nation. He is with us  and He is moving to help us - He is by  our side.

It's our time, not to die, but to truly live.

Love and Blessings, Victoria

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