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New Book by Victoria Boyson
Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


The church is entering a time of great upheaval and breakthrough in the heavenly realms. We, as His church, must be prepared and understand the reality of the age we are approaching.

Awakening: The Deep Sleep is the first part of a series of three very important visions the Lord has given me. I am presenting them to you in book format. The visions are from the Father's unique perspective of where we as the church and the kingdom of heaven are at present and where we are headed.

Through the power of analogy, Beloved, the main character in Awakening, shows us through a visionary journey the importance of the age we are entering. Having just awakened, she embraces the calling given to the bride of Christ and manifests the kingdom of heaven on the earth.

I am certain you will enjoy this book and be changed by it as well. God bless you.

Love in Christ,

Victoria Boyson

I am sharing one of the chapters below...

Fields of Grace
Victoria Boyson

"And rejoice before the LORD your God at the place he will choose as a dwelling for his Name" - you... - Deuteronomy 16:11 NIV

In her encounter with the Lord, Beloved learned to yield to His wishes for her and to enjoy the fields of grace. She walked more slowly now and took pleasure in her journey, letting the wheat brush against her as she moved through it. Captivated by the fresh, earthy aromas of the field, she was warmed by the sun's rays reflecting on the golden crop.

As she enjoyed the fields, they were having their intended affect on Beloved, just as the Lord anticipated. Little by little, she was being restored by grace. The worry and fear, pain and disappointment, all her bitter feelings were being swept away with every step in God's treasured fields of grace. Much more at ease now, her spirit seemed to feel and see with a keener sensitivity than it had in the past.

Thinking she was alone, her thoughts flooded her mind. Suddenly she looked ahead in the fields and saw several laborers. Beloved was so excited to see laborers working in the fields of grace.

She knew they must have been there all the while, but she could not see them. Now, with the eyes of her spirit renewed and refreshed by the grace that sustained her, she watched them intently.

They were lucent, spirit-like people, as if they were in another dimension. As Beloved watched them openly, they did not seem to notice her at all and continued to work vigorously in the fields.

Beloved stood marveling at their work, but noticed they were dreadfully tired, and some seemed close to exhaustion. Their fatigued demeanor seemed out of place in such a peaceful place. She felt deeply burdened as she watched them work faithfully, almost methodically, gathering the harvest.

As she stared, almost mesmerized by the workers, she felt jarred by the sense of someone watching her from behind. Turning quickly to see who it was, she marveled when she saw an impressive man dressed in royal attire.

Catching her eyes in his, he greeted her as though he knew her. "Beloved," he said as he smiled with delight.

"Hello, sir," she answered, and then asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm following the laborers through the fields to hunt for the treasure they've left behind."

Beloved was quiet for a while. She could not understand how he would come to work in the fields dressed like a king. Then, a sudden thought sprang to her mind, "Could he be the man I've heard of?" She questioned him, "Are you the treasure hunter, sir?"

The question seemed to delight him and he laughed a cheerful, hearty laugh. As he reached down into the mud and dirt of the field, he asked, "Well, Beloved, do you think I have found treasure?"

He was holding a woman's arm and gently pulled her closer to stand near him. Beloved was truly puzzled because she had not seen the woman at all, though she'd passed right by where the woman lay.

Earnestly, he continued with his questioning and asked her again, "Is she treasure, Beloved?"

Beloved was simply shocked by what she saw and stood almost paralyzed. She realized she knew the woman, who was a prostitute who lived in Beloved's hometown. Beloved remembered her to be a forgotten person whose life was riddled with a heavy burden of shame, never experiencing even the simplest of joys that most people take for granted. She was someone Beloved had prayed for but out of fear had not actually talked to.

Without waiting for Beloved's answer, he asked her another question. "What about this one, Beloved. Is he treasure?"

She suddenly saw a man standing at his side just as the woman had - she knew him, as well. He was a man she'd met when traveling with friends. They had picked him up and given him a ride. She remembered him to be extremely careworn and burdened by life. Beloved had tried to witness to him and wanted to lead him to the Lord, but felt she had failed him.

"Yes!" she cried out in surprise.

When she had last seen him, she had been very young and was neither bold nor strong. She had missed him in the field as well, but the treasure hunter found him.

Beloved was all at once flooded with feelings of shock and relief, but the treasure hunter wasn't done yet. "Watch, Beloved," he said.

Then he drew both the man and the woman into himself, holding each of them close in his arms. Pulling them into himself, he buried their heads in his chest. He held them there for some time and then released them to reveal them to her.

They were beautiful! He had restored them! The woman was very pretty and the man was full of life. The cares of their past lives had been lifted and grace and love were set in place.

She looked at the treasure hunter again with fresh eyes and suddenly realized who he was. "Jesus!" she exclaimed. He had promised to journey with her, and had followed the burdens of her heart, searching to relieve them.

He had made even the smallest gesture she'd attempted, a prayer or small offering, seem like a great work with enormous results.

"Beloved," He said as He reached out and grabbed her hand, "I have one more thing for you..."

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