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God Is Releasing WOMEN To Reap A Great Harvest Souls!
Victoria Boyson

"The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields" Luke 10:2. "In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy" Joel 2:28.

Seventeen years ago, I was attending Francis Frangipane's church in Cedar Rapids, IA and I remember distinctly a life-changing encounter with God I had there. As I lay on the floor of the church, I was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit and could not control my sobbing. God was showing me His heart for women and it was then I saw the rough outline of a woman's movement that would LITERALLY catapult the church into the greatest harvest it's ever known, a harvest so substantial it would dwarf any previous revivals by millions. Then I realized why the enemy has tried so hard to keep women from the labor fields of revival.

Satan will do or SAY anything to keep the elements of this harvest from coming together.

Recently, a movement of women has risen up, but it was not of God. For someone like me, it felt like a big thug in the stomach and I feared it would turn people against women in ministry even further. But God said, "This is only a counterfeit movement to try and deter the real movement of God among women that IS COMING!"

Satan can't stop what's coming, he can only try to keep as many people as he can from receiving it; that's what he's been working so hard at. Understand this: the things the enemy fears the most is what he works the hardest to defeat, but God laughs at the workings of the enemy and He uses those things the enemy meant for our destruction to boost levels of effectiveness for Him.

Years ago, as I wrote my book,
God's Magnum Opus: The Value of a Woman, I felt the Lord release me to start a ministry geared on raising up women in ministry and giving them a platform to affect the kingdom. My oldest daughter, Cassandra, and I worked hard to release the ministry and book around the same time. Indeed, Women of Impact Ministries was birth out of the teaching I wrote in response to the struggles Cassandra and I had years ago of how the enemy tried to destroy her life by subverting the calling of God on her. The Biblical study God gave me then to save her was the basis for what Women of Impact is all about - teaching women the truth about WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST!

When I think about how much God loves His daughters, I literally feel overwhelmed by heaven! As if Papa God was downloading a portion of His heart towards His girls into my heart, I suddenly realize that we, as women, do NOT yet fully understand what He really thinks of us - what He's created us for and the passionate love He feels for us.

Our world has been permeated with the lies of the enemy since the fall of mankind, but Jesus came to bring a REVOLUTION to the earth. Indeed, the Word says He came to bring a fire to the earth to destroy every lie the enemy's created. Indeed, any way of thinking that does not line up with His truth IS worthless. It has no lasting value and will produce no fruit.

As women, we need to find out the truth of what God thinks of us!

Since 2004, I've been preaching the message of liberty for women and it has not been easy. And for as many years, I've prayed for God to raise up an army of women to fight for this world and especially the harvest. Yet, in the last few years, I've seen God shift things in the spirit-realm and now I see a great company of women shooting lights of truth into the darkness - truly a great army is emerging!

All over the world, God is raising up multitudes of women who've been united by the Holy Spirit's plans to coincide with the deliverance of women to know who they are in Christ. Validating and encouraging women everywhere, we are seeing an arming arising from even unexpected places across the earth. This was NOT an accident!

No! It was prophesied many years ago, in Joel 2:28, in Psalm 68:11 and many more. We are living what our ancestors only dreamt would eventually come to pass. The harvest is VERY ripe and we need ALL our laborers in the fields to gather it in. Like Joel said, "My sons AND DAUGHTERS will prophesy... in the last days."

Yet, there are still many many women in bondage all over the world. Their chains are not necessarily physical, but chains of oppressive lies the enemy has sown into the consciousness of women through the centuries. Since I have see the Father's reality, the cultural bias, and twisted religious doctrines used to train women to think of themselves as less valuable or unusable to God seem outrageous to me and are NOT TRUE!
If you were the heavenly Father, whose love for His daughters knew NO BOUNDS, would you be upset if someone was trying to convince your little girls that you didn't love them as much as you do your sons? I think I would be very upset and I would want the truth to be told. I would want all my children to know the truth of my love for them.

Love for my heavenly Father has driven me, to fight for His truth to be told to His daughters, so they will know He is, indeed, a good, kind, loving Father. And they are as much heirs to His incredible kingdom as His sons.
Truly, in the twelve plus years I've been teaching about God's value of women, I've not had many men fight with me over the truths I present. No, men have even encouraged me to keep it up and spread the message to both men and women. Sadly, it's been women who've had trouble receiving the truth about what God says about them. Yes, women have struggled to receive the truth even when shown plainly in scriptures.

As though a veil hangs over their eyes, they still cling to the lies that tell them it is not godly to think of yourself as created in the Image of God. Wanting to hold on to even just a slight distinction that they believe God created between themselves and men, they struggle to accept the truth about who they were created to be. This is our great battle and, truly, it seems to be consuming at times. I want women to be free, because I know what it feels like to think this way. It took years of study and receiving revelation from the Holy Spirit through the Scriptures for me to really believe what I was receiving from the Word of God.

When I really examined the fruit of what this divisive teaching has produce, only then did I see that this cannot be what God designed for humanity. I realize then why Jesus had to come and bring a fire to this earth - to burn up the remnants of the enemy's lies against the daughters of Eve and liberate the kingdom of God to bring in the last day harvest! For truly, I saw the house of the Lord would not be WHOLE until women were raised up to serve in it as God intended.

The Lord is moving across the earth, raising an army of men and women who will become His fire starters! Women of Impact Ministries is only ONE battalion in the great emerging army! If you feel His calling to join HIS REVOLUTION and share the battle to bring liberty to the captives all over the world, WE WANT YOU!

Join with Women Of Impact Ministries, SIGN UP for our email messages from powerfully anointed women at We are happy to bring to you the anointed Word of God as spoken through women to women! And we love to hear feed-back of how you have been blessed by the messages you've received.

The harvest IS WAITING for YOU! The prodigals need your help to come home to their waiting Father's arms!

We love you, pray for you and believe in YOU.

In Him,

Victoria Boyson
Victoria Boyson Ministries and Women of Impact Ministries
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