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Have You Forgotten Who You Are?
Victoria Boyson

Sometimes it's easy to lose our way and forget who we are and Who we belong to. Even those who are truly devoted to loving God can get sidetracked by the enemy. We get so busy working for God, we don't take the time to just be with Him. Suddenly, we find it difficult to soar to the heights we once did. What's missing?

We've forgotten who we are and we've forgotten Whose we are and why we're here. And without the confidence of knowing who we are in Christ, the enemy finds us easy prey. He tries to latch on to us and sink us with the weight of his oppression and lies.

If that's you today, know your Father's heart is so wrapped up in you - He finds His delight in you. He's calling you to turn aside from the busyness you find yourself in and let Him drench you in His incredible, life-giving, refreshing love and remind you of who you are.

My daughter Cassandra, now twenty, has, since she was a small child, been one to walk in the Lord's love for her. She's hungered to know His heart and follow His leading closely. God has graced her with such a heavenly anointing; she is strong, yet, her love for Jesus is so tender. Like many of you, she is following the call of God on her life. 

While we may choose to serve Him and follow the calling He has for us, it is often easy to fall captive to serving the call instead of serving the One who called us. When we do, we tend to forget who we are and start wrestling with everything that used to come so easy for us. Suddenly, we realize how desperate we are for His touch - to be washed in His grace and brought back into His hand.

Below is a vision Cassandra recently received. It's really powerful and I hope it ministers to you as much as it does to me.

Love and blessings, Victoria

Butterfly Vision by Cassandra Boyson
God showed me a butterfly being chased by a bee. The bee latched onto the back of the butterfly. The butterfly tried to keep flying, but could not. The weight of the bee on its back was causing the two of them to plummet to the ground. The butterfly struggled as hard as it could to fly away from the bee's grasp, but the bee kept a firm hold.

The butterfly began to scream and cried out to God in terror.

Suddenly, God broke forth as a light on the two of them and with great force He said, "Yes, beloved?"

She cried to Him, "Help me!"

The bee then immediately lost its grip on her and she fluttered up into the light and rested in the hand of God.

Then God spoke to me and said, "This is My heart for you, My beloved. You cry for Me and I do not ignore your plea. How can I when My heart is so wrapped up in you? You are My delight. I laugh with joy when I see you. My heart overflows with love for you."

"Like a peaceful river, My love overflows down to you and over you. Receive it and dance in it. It will always restore and will never stop flowing. Always and forever, My love will rain on you. Receive it and you will find rest, peace, security and truth."

"There is blood in the river of My love. Wash yourself in My blood and you will receive forgiveness. Take joy in it. Take joy in Me and My resurrected life."

"Yearn for Me. Crave Me, My love."

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