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The Heart of a Warrior
Victoria Boyson

The heart of a warrior is a heart that refuses to give in to fear when facing his enemies, but his love for his heavenly Father and for those under his care compels him to lay down his life to save those God loves. His love makes him fearless in the face of his enemies!

A Love-motivated War!
Saints, we are now entering a time of war in the heavenlies like the earth has never known before. Though we may see the consequences of this war in human form, it will not be fought on earth but in the supernatural realm. We will not fight with flesh and blood, we must not fight each other. No matter how awful the battle gets, we must recognize we cannot fight this battle in the flesh. If we do, we will be consumed by our enemy.

Our power to triumph over our enemies is found in our love for them. It is found in our courage to bless them though they stone us. Though they despise us and accuse us to our face, our love for them must be greater than our love for ourselves.

We must see that it is satan who has them in bondage; he is our enemy and we must love them while fighting the devil for their sake. Our love for them will give us authority to fight the evil that has entangled them.

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
What kind of person has the heart of a warrior? It is one who shares the heart of the Good Shepherd. One who loves those around him enough to risk his life to save them. Because of his love for his Father, he loves what his Father loves. He will not abandon His sheep because he dearly loves the Father.

"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear" (1 John 4:18). God's perfect love working through us compels us to protect what we love; it drives away all fear. Our love for others drives out any concern we may have for our own safety, because our love is stronger than the fear we feel.

Jesus gave his life to save us; He valued what His Father valued, even to the point of death. He is the Good Shepherd and gave His life to save His Father's sheep. He gave His all for love - love for us and love for His Father. In doing so, Jesus displayed the heart of a true warrior!

A warrior is not easily intimidated, because the love he has for others drives away thoughts of self preservation. The godly warrior cannot be stopped because they love what they are fighting for too much to even conceive of quitting. The only thought they have is that of victory, failure is not an option, for the sake of those they love they must win.

Their love gives them authority over anything that would attack what they love, and this authority is as far reaching as their love. The measure of their compassion is the magnitude of their courage in the face of the enemy.

No matter how we are treated, love can deflect the attacks of fear from the enemy. If we determine in our hearts to love others unconditionally, it may help us overcome the fear of man. If our goal is to love, regardless of how we are loved, it makes us fearless, enabling us to be a blessing to others.

If our goal is to bless, protect and defend others, we are able to live emotionally outside of ourselves; we live in the spirit, not the flesh. We live outside of the fear that is naturally in us and live in the strength of the Lord. I have found that the more we think of others the less we will worry about ourselves.

Fighting with Passion
A soldier loves his country and is willing to give his life for it. He has the heart of a warrior and is driven to fight because of it. Others cannot fathom his heart, because of their own selfishness. It makes no sense to them why he would risk his life for others, because their love has grown cold. He who loves will fight for what he loves and will regard the safety of what he loves as more important than his own life! This is the heart of a warrior.

A pastor loves his flock! When he sees the enemy attacking it, he is driven to protect it by his love. He loves them because they are what his Father loves. He will fight to protect what belongs to his Father with a passion to destroy anything that dares to come against them. He will fight against anyone or anything that would hurt his flock. He is relentless in his pursuit to protect what he loves.

The heart of a warrior is not limited to pastors, soldiers or shepherds, but beats strongly in any whose life is surrendered to Jesus. Their lives no longer belong to themselves, but to the One they love. And in exchange for their hearts of stone He gives them hearts that beat with deep compassion! He gives them the heart of a warrior!

There are no little saints in the kingdom of God - no secondhand anointings. Each one of us plays an important role in the army of heaven. We must all do our part in fighting the enemy and take the ground where the Lord has placed us.

You are important to the kingdom of God! He needs you!

Our love for our heavenly Father and for each other should move us to radical warfare prayer, prayers that shake heaven.

We need to throw off false humility or any lie that says our prayers need to be sweet and nice. Of course, sweet and nice are good when that is what is appropriate, but when we see sheep being eaten, we cannot compromise with the enemy. We must throw ourselves into the battle with no thoughts of preserving our own lives; we must fight without reservation, with NO thoughts of our own safety, or we will lose what we love to the enemy.

Our prayers carry great weight in the kingdom of heaven and they WILL turn the tide of the battle in the lives of those we love. We cannot let anything distract us or hinder us from a prayer life that shakes the realms of darkness.

For the Lost
The Lord gave me a vision of myself on a football field. I was apart of a team, but I had gotten knocked down during the game. I'd gotten knocked down and was upset at being knocked down. I lay there on the field, while my team mates played around me. I felt sorry for myself for having been so brutally tackled and thrown to the ground. I decided I was tried of being hurt; I didn't want to be hurt anymore and was afraid to get back up for fear I would just be hurt again.

Suddenly as I saw myself lay there I heard the Lord's voice speak to me, "I'm about to throw you the ball. Will you be where you need to be in order to catch it for a touchdown?" That was all He had to say; it shook me out of my pity party and suddenly I saw it wasn't about me, it was about the team. It was about winning the game. It was about surrendering one's self for the good of the team. It was about playing without consideration for myself, so I could be what He needed me to be to help the team.

We are fighting a real fight for the hearts and souls of men. Time is running out, we've got to win the lost for HIS SAKE. He deserves to have the people He died for come to Him, into His family. We've got to quit thinking of ourselves and what has happened to us, consumed by fear of being hurt again. We need to just accept the fact that we will be hurt, but we are in a battle and people do get hurt in battles. We need to use our pain as a weapon against our adversary to win back those caught in satan's grasp before it's too late.

The Harvest is White!
Friends, there is a world of lost souls who have been captured by our enemy. It is time we go after them with the heart of a warrior; with the heart of Christ. We must possess the heart of our Redeemer and become His fishers of men. We must begin to care more for them than we do ourselves!

The harvest is white, it has never been so white! In all of history there has never been a time like the time we are about to experience. The world has never seen a revival or harvest like what we are about to see.

And I say, church, in the name of Jesus, open your eyes and see the great gift your heavenly Father has given you. He has placed in your hands the awesome end-time harvest. All creation waits breathlessly to see what you will do with this gift; they wait for you to speak forth the words of life that will transform the world.

The church has never before been what it is about to become! Our minds literally cannot conceive of what we will live through, experience and operate in during the outpouring of His Holy Spirit in the last days.

It is a new day, church! It is a day of triumph and incredible victory! Open your eyes and see the fields white with harvest - a harvest that will be won by grandmas and grandpas, children and teens, moms and dads. It will be won by all those who possess the heart of a warrior, who possess the heart of their Redeemer! Who will fight to the death for what they love, showing no fear in the face of their enemies?

The fearless, triumphant church is a church of passionate, unbridled love for the lost - those who rightfully belong to their Father, those who our precious Jesus died to save. In the triumphant church beats the heart of their Redeemer and they will redeem the world. It will take back all the enemy has stolen from it and will not stop fighting until it does.

I pray in the name of Jesus for the church of the Redeemer to arise! I pray that we would stop fighting each other, turn and devour our enemy. I pray in Jesus' name that we would possess the heart of the warrior - the Great Warrior Himself . . . Jesus Christ, our Savior, Redeemer and Friend!

Church, Jesus is calling you; He is saying, "Will you rise up and fight with me? Will you ride with Me and triumph over your enemies? You are My mighty warriors! My army of love!"

Shout, church! Shout in triumph over your enemies, for the glory of the Lord has risen upon you (see Isaiah 60:1). The time of great victory has come. It is the dawning of a new day and you are shining like the Son!

Please pray this with me:


Break open the heavens and pour out Your heart on Your church. Heal us, restore us and make us one! I give you my heart, Lord. Please give me Your heart in return - the heart of a warrior. I repent for not using the gift of authority that You purchased for me with Your precious blood. Make me the terror of hell and the joy of heaven. Lord, I thank You that I will walk in Your fearless faith. And may I cause as much harm or more to the kingdom of darkness as it has caused me!

In Jesus' name, amen!

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