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New Book by Victoria Boyson
Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


Chapter 3 of Revolution: The White Horse Rider
By Victoria Boyson

Alone now, Beloved was immediately surrounded by the angelic sweeping in around her from all sides, appearing to her like a glorious light-filled cloud. She was transported by them and conveyed to another place in heaven entirely.

It was the aroma of this new place that caught her attention at first. As the cloud around her dissipated, she saw only the faint outline of a tremendous army. What she saw at last took her breath away.

Covering the hillsides of heaven stood a breathtaking army literally brimming with rushed activity. Cloaked by a mysterious fog, Beloved was only able to view their actions through brief glimpses.

She could make out a mighty army moving efficiently, readying itself for an impending battle. Beloved saw flashes of running feet and chariot wheels partnered with labored breathing and rapid succession of angelic warriors preparing themselves for battle. As these ethereal warriors clad themselves in radiant, silver armor, an amber glow rose from the base of the army, aiding the intensely clouded sky hovering over them.

Beloved listened as the sky reverberated with the anxious sounds of grunting and unintelligible chatter while they fitted out horses for their heavenly riders. As she watched in eager wonder, intense, mighty Elysian beings readied their massive beasts.

The long, high-pitched neighing of horses and their nervous whinnies filled the weighty atmosphere around the awaiting army. Inarticulate grunting could be heard as riders struggled to master the overanxious movements of the imperial beasts resisting their caretakers. Moving their powerful heads in sharp angled movements, they reared back on their immense legs with great strength, their breath shooting up into the lucid, ethereal sky.

Accompanied by extraordinary creatures of heavenly origin unknown to the earth, and the angelic who serve the sons of man, the warriors worked as one vast confident machine. Storehouses full of unearthly artillery crafted for the annihilation of those forces who'd taken captive the minds of man were emptied to equip the large army. Heavenly weapons were swiftly taken up and conveyed to each warrior of the Light.

Magnificent banners were ceremoniously unfurled with confident urgency. Filling the army with affectionate satisfaction in the grandiosity of their strength and glory, the celebrated banners were alive with the tangible powers of the empyrean realm. Their power could be seen sweeping through the army having a noticeable impact on their splendor.

Anticipating the urgency of their entry into earth's kingdoms, the firmament was brimming with impatient expectation. Heaven had been vigilantly waiting for this hour since the beginning of time.

As the fog began to lift, Beloved could now see across the expanse of heaven and beheld a truly magnificent array of the most extraordinary warriors she'd ever seen. Indeed, it was an army of Divine light. Horse and rider were ready and marching at attention. Moving together as one force, the preparedness of this army shifted the weight of the atmosphere in the universe and the earth felt the consequences of its presence.

Flying high above the radius of the great army below, a lone rider sat atop an enormous, gleaming white horse. With wings that filled the expansive sky, the great horse conveyed a warrior of golden fire more brilliant than the steed on which He rode. The strikingly regal display of immeasurable power made her heart stagger in response.

Frozen by His breathtaking magnificence, she was captivated by His appearance. His face was framed by hair that seemed to flow as fire behind Him like the mane of a great lion. Streaming out all around Him and covering His brilliant armor, the Rider's robe was alive. Cascading down the back of the brilliant beast He rode, the robe flowed like liquid fire tipped in blood. His golden-brown hair was wild, streaked with the rays of the glorious light that shown out from His face.

Like a mighty wave in an ocean tempest, Beloved watched as a cloud of fire roared all around Him and His massive steed. Rolling in all directions inside of itself, it filled the realm of the Divine as He rode.

Building in violent intensity, the storm labored to birth a massive celestial nimbus nebula. Crowning Him in light, it framed Him in a halation aureole, transcending the regions of heaven. Stunned, yet without fear, Beloved felt certain she could see human faces appearing occasionally in the cloud as it rotated violently.

Assembling into harmonious echoes, she heard an alarming roar from the depths of heaven as all the believers in heaven travailed in unison for the extraordinary army. The army instantly responded as an all-encompassing, penetrating, bright light burst forth from the Rider. Beloved was jolted by its intensity.

Realizing she was surrounded by the expectant bride of heaven, she was astounded by the vehement intensity of the saints who'd joined her. Together, they created a realm of fiery passion, which gripped the army.

Building to a fever pitch, the increased expectancy in the atmosphere grew to an almost violent level toward an enemy who sought to thwart their well-loved Father's worship on earth.

Heaven had been anxiously awaiting this day: the saints, angels and all the amazing creatures of heaven had anticipated His call. It seemed their hearts would burst with the love and pride they'd held for the children of the earth who were so terribly desperate for His help. How they had been longing for the Father's promised help. He would, indeed, invade the earth and fight the armies of darkness, which pervaded the realms surrounding it.

Instinctively, Beloved knew it would be a ferocious battle. She trembled when she realized what the earth must endure as the Light of heaven overwhelmed the darkness oppressing it.

Nearly suffocating from the darkness attempting to take possession of the realms of the earth, heaven's earthly loved ones desperately needed the Father to manifest Himself for their sake as well as for the lost kingdom heirs.

Truly, the collected prayers of the intercessors, harvested for centuries, would be carried into battle for, a great multitude of the angelic carried enormous golden bowls of intercession - the prayers of the ages. Indeed, this would be a battle they would fight together - a universal war of the armies of the

Light together with His bride taking on the armies of darkness.

Prophesies from both heaven and earth combined to create a vernacular storm of vengeance upon their enemy. Every prophecy of the Presence ever uttered would be carried into this battle and each would bring a necessary victory to earth.

All at once, she felt a powerful force break upon her, nearly knocking her over. Beloved's body jerked back as if from the power of a tremendous blast. She whirled around with explosive excitement, and gasped, "What, Lord!?"

Catching herself, she scrambled to see what was happening. Her body seemed paralyzed as she realized all around her, indeed, the entire bride in heaven suddenly erupted with a mighty roar!

"Gooooooooooo!" they screamed toward His bride on earth.

She could feel the breath of the saints as they screamed all around her. "Gooooooooooo!"

"Gooooooooooo!" they screamed at the earth again and again.

Beloved could also hear individual heartfelt cries. "Go! I wish I could be with you!" she heard them cry to their loved ones on earth as they wept for joy at the impending victory that was a certainty.

"Our prayers are with you!" another unanimous roar lifted from the massive crowd in rapturous joy.

"Finally, we are one bride," Beloved thought to herself. "His bride will be one with Him at last." Heaven and earth would, indeed, join forces in heart and mind as they were finally made one in Him.

"Ruuuuuuuunnnn!" they roared again in increasing strength. As their excitement rose, they screamed together at the earth with a massive, powerful force that seemed to penetrate it and shake its mighty mountain ranges.

Truly, the prayers of all the saints from heaven and earth combined to create a massive roar that filled the heavenlies, released to powerfully impact the earth! Light filled the sky around them as the angels brandished their swords. Reflecting the light of the Father, they called to the saints.

Again, like thunder that shook heaven, the angels roared to the saints, "Noooooooowwww!"

Beloved did not know where to look. Her heart beat with fevered anticipation.

"What would happen next?" she wondered.

The saints knew this was the moment they had been anticipating for thousands of years. All of heaven knew full well what those on the earth would endure. But they were not afraid. No. This would be the earth's greatest hour!

As if invaded by an unseen force, Beloved felt the glory of God rise within her and fill the whole of His heavenly bride. It seemed as though they had all been caught by His invisible hand, and their merging energies were suddenly captivated, blending together into a massively powerful force filled with purposeful expectation.

"But, what were they waiting for?" she wondered to herself impatiently.

Then, with a great shout, they began to praise. As they did, they called to the Father to release the Lamb of God. With one voice, led by one Spirit and filled with the passionate love of their Father, together they called forth to the earth the White Horse Rider!


With the echoes of the call to the White Horse Rider still resounding through her like the force of a trumpet, Beloved realized she was no longer in heaven. She felt now only the last remaining echoes of their calling filling the air of, what was on earth, a very quiet night.

All around her on the mountain's crown lay the host just as she had left them.

Resetting to earth's realm again, Beloved gasped violently for breath!

Stunned by the scene she'd just witnessed, Beloved cried out, "PAPA! Don't leave me. Please Father!"

Wanting nothing more than to have the assurance He was still with her, to comfort her and love her like only a Divine Father can, she cried for Him again. "Papa!" Breaking down, she wept until morning began to break.

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