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Houston's Rainbows:
Victoria's Personal Testimonies Concerning Hurricane Harvey
Victoria Boyson

Video Victoria took of boats headed to Houston!

You have to believe in the rainbow after the rain, the good that comes from the storm. I have lived through so many storms in my life time, and while going through them I think, "There's no way anything positive can come out of this!" But after a few years, in looking back, I see what God has accomplished with the storms I've endured and the pain I've felt and I literally marvel at how He's used everything I've endured to ultimately bless me in some way. The rainbow is there for a reason. It encourages us and gives us strength and hope that God will use everything for our good if we trust Him.

The Rainbows Begin!
When you are raw inside, stressed out and going through a crisis, nothing can touch your heart more than kindness. And that has been what Houston and South East Texas has experienced. In the face of one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the state, the world has poured out it's concern and kindness on us.

Days after Hurricane Harvey began in Texas, I was contacted by a friend on Facebook from Louisiana letting me know the Cajun Navy was on its way. The Cajun Navy is just a bunch of good ole country boys from Louisiana who formed a group during Hurricane Katrina who have boats and go wherever they're needed to rescue people stranded in flood waters. Their reaction was immediate when they heard Texas was in trouble and moved quickly to help their Texan neighbors, because Texans had jumped in to help them during Katrina. That's what I call a RAINBOW.

I have simply been overwhelmed by the rainbows of kindness I've seen demonstrated in Texas!

A Looming Threat
My oldest son got married the weekend before hurricane Harvey and guess where he and his new bride decided to spend their honeymoon? Yep, on Port Aransas, an island off the coast of southern Texas, directly in the path of hurricane Harvey. Normally I don't make a habit of bothering people on their honeymoon, but there's no denying Mama's instincts and they were kicking into high gear.

At the time I contacted my son, Harvey was only a category two hurricane and my son urged me not to worry, that it would not be a problem. Still, my spirit was saying, "This is serious!"

So, like every good Mama, I prayed him off the island, honeymoon or no honeymoon, and thankfully a few hours later he called to let me know they were under a mandatory evacuation of the island. That's a RAINBOW!

With a threat still looming over South Texas, I started asking for prayers online and folks to intercede for the Texas coast. Yet, this storm seemed impervious to our rebuking and declaring, and I felt Papa God was saying, "Trust Me" and then I knew we would have to go through this.

Here's what He showed me: The name Harvey means "battle worthy, battle ready, capable of engaging in battle" and it also can mean "carnage." It was headed straight for the city of Corpus Christi, Texas, which means the "body of Christ," and also headed directly at the city of Victoria, Texas, which means "Victorious." Then it was forecast to be pushed back out into the ocean only to take another stab at the city of Houston, Texas. The city of Houston was named after Sam Houston, who was the first president and governor of Texas. The name Samuel means "sun child" or "bright as the sun."

I believe the Lord is saying to us, this storm symbolizes that in our world at this time the body of Christ is going through and will continue to go through a tremendous spiritual battle, but we will be VICTORIOUS in this battle and after we've endured the spiritual storm being launched against us, we will be as bright as the Son!

As I watched Harvey blast the southern coast of Texas, it truly devastated the coastal communities as it made land fall. As it reached the city of Victoria, Texas it seemed to sit and spin right over the city of Victoria until the eye of the hurricane shrunk to nothing and it wasn't long until it was officially reduced to a tropical storm. This revealed to me that no matter how unstoppable and terrifying our spiritual battle/storm in the world seems, it would have to bow its knee to the VICTORIOUS hand of the Lord.

I, along with intercessors all around the world, was praying ardently for Houston as it was being devastated by over 50 inches of rain and in some places 65 inches of rainfall. Truly, our prayers were NOT IN VAIN. I can tell you that there is something taking place in Houston and the surrounding areas and it's beautiful.

There is an awakening and a softening of hearts. The storm has shaken people and alerted them to something inside of themselves that had fallen asleep. It is simply unbelievable, and very difficult to describe . Every time I think about what's occurring in and around South Texas, I just end up crying. It's as if Houston has had its own "Dunkirk" moment, and average citizens stepped up and saved thousands! 

It's as if the image of our Almighty Creator has come forth and taken reign, front and center in the lives of people down here. Even those who've lost so much have, themselves, gone to the aid of others, the word PRAYER and gratitude for life and limb is on every tongue. That is a tremendous RAINBOW!

Miraculous Answered Prayer!
My family and I live on a farm with only one road leading out of our neighborhood and our road was flooded and impassable: it was like ragging rapids. It seemed to be rising and there was a rather large sink hole developing under the water tearing the road apart. I had posted a video of our "little creek" and asked for prayer because we knew that our creek was connected to the Trinity River, which was flooding. After The Elijah List posted my video and asked for prayers, it was only hours until the flooding was gone and the road was repaired! It was MIRACULOUS! I was literally astounded by the power of your prayers! I KNOW it was a miraculous answer to YOUR PRAYERS!!! Thank you so much - that is another RAINBOW! 

With everyone else, I watched our local TV weather non-stop and I felt Monday morning something had broken in the spiritual atmosphere. THROUGH PRAYER, the weather forecast changed from the path of Harvey going directly over Houston again to being pushed by a strong force of heated wind from the south that fought against it, pushing it further and further east of Houston. I saw on the weather cast that the heated wind looked like the shape of a boot kicking Harvey away from Texas! It was GOD ANSWERING PRAYER and kicking Harvey to the curb. Another RAINBOW!!

My husband and I were planning to launch our new church, Faith Church Conroe, September 3rd, and we were pretty anxious to be able to get out and see if our church building had taken on water. As we could finally get out of our farm, we were SO BLESSED to find that, even though the church sits next to a creek, it was mostly dry. Although it is alright, we still will not have our launching service September 3rd, and though we were hoping to try to open as a shelter there, our septic system is flooded and it wouldn't be much of a shelter without bathrooms. We're still not sure when we will schedule the launch of our church, but we are truly thankful that we can! For us, that, too, is another RAINBOW!

Concern for your fellow man has overtaken South Texas. We have the entire National Guardsmen here, the Coast Guard, Marines, Mexico is sending relief by the truck loads, the Cajun Navy is here and actively working to save lives, Red Cross, Samaritan's Purse, Operation Blessing, plus numerous other smaller groups and churches and countless individual Good Samaritans all focused on Houston and the surrounding areas. Our interstate was inundated with lines of trucks pulling boats heading into Houston from all over. God is with us in our time of need, and His heart in His people will prevail! Countless RAINBOWS!

I just want to cry when I think about how amazing the body of Christ is when you're hurting and people step in and rally for you and storm the gates of hell for you! When Good Samaritans come from all over to work and give of themselves to rescue people they don't even know, it's just phenomenal - PEOPLE ARE PHENOMENAL! We, truly, are made in God's image and we show it more through trials than we even know. You mean so much to me. You are so amazing! Bless you!

We truly are shining like the SON!!!

God Bless Texas - REALLY!
Interestingly, I have recently done a study on the life of Sam Houston and I've learned he was strategically placed in Texas by God to raise up Texas, first as a nation, then as a part of the United States of America. Without his leadership, I don't know if we would have Texas in the Union. Indeed, God brought Texas into the United States to be a LIGHT and affect the nation for His purposes and that is what we will do!

This is only the beginning of a shift in the battle that's taking place in the Spirit-realm. Heaven's army is winning the battle over the armies of darkness! God relocated my family and I to Texas in 2011 because He said Texas would see a POWERFUL OUTPOURING of His Presence! Watch and see! It will garner the attention of the nations!

Last night, my husband took a picture of a physical RAINBOW right over the top of our house! I know God's hand is on Texas and we are not afraid, because HE IS WITH US!

Father God, I thank you so much for helping us endure this trial now and into the future. You are what we need. Do not stop working on our hearts, Father, until we truly shine BRIGHT like your SON, in Jesus' name.

"Thank you," does not say enough as my heart pours out to all of you all over the world who are storming the gates of hell and pouring out intercession on our behalf. God knows and He sees you and HE WILL BLESS YOU!

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