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Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


"I Love You Ferociously!"
Victoria Boyson

I believe that if you see how much God truly loves you, you will move mountains. God's love for you is the fuel that empowers you to do great things for Him, and His love is the most powerful thing on Earth. No power in hell can stop you when God is on your side and He is, if you will simply call out His name - He will run to you, leaping and bounding in ferocious love to your aid.

During a time in my life of experiencing an exceptionally high level of demonic attack against me, I cried out to Jesus to reveal His love for me.

That night I had a dream: I was in a beautiful garden with many different flowers and trees, the sun was bright and beautiful. The garden was a glorious place to be, but I also saw three demons there. I saw them talking amongst themselves as they stood among the trees until suddenly they saw me.

When they caught sight of me they rushed toward me and were all over me in an instant. One demon lunged at my legs, grasping and clawing, trying to immobilize me. Another lunged at my chest, digging his claws into my arms and the third jumped on my back and wrapped his arms around my neck with a powerful grip trying to choke the life from me.

As I slept, I was suddenly startled awake by the intensity of the dream. I sat up in bed with my eyes wide open, but even as I awoke, the dream continued in the spirit like a movie before my eyes. I saw the three demon spirits attacking me and could feel on my physical body the affects of their attack.

Awake now in my room, but still seeing the dream play out, I screamed out a rebuke in the name of Jesus. As I did, two of the demons flew off me, but the demon clinging to my neck remained. I could physically feel the demonic grip around my neck. I was horrified, yet my attention was drawn by something I saw in the distance, running toward me at a tremendous rate of speed. It was an enormous lion.

By earthly standards this lion was abnormally large. He was the height of a tall horse, but was much broader and his head was massive. As he bounded toward me his mane flew out from his face as his paws struck the ground.  He was incredibly beautiful and was indeed an awesome sight. He ran so fast that the hair on his body appeared to make waves like a wheat field blown by the wind as he leapt toward me.

The sight of the lion was more frightening to me than that of the demons. He was huge and charging at me with such tremendous speed that I was terrified. He was completely enraged, and his fury took my breath away.

His eyes were large and beautiful, but intense. He heaved and grunted as he galloped toward me, much like a warrior in the heat of battle. The fierceness in his eyes sent a shiver up my spine.

I began to brace myself against his inevitable strike, but then I caught a glimpse of his eyes and saw that they were not focused on me. I was not the target of his rage, but his focus was on the demon on my back. All of his anger was aimed at the demon that was clutching at my neck, whose grasp I could still physically feel.

As he approached at full charge, I felt the ground shudder as he landed again and again. As he came near to me in one final burst of energy, he leapt high in the air, opened his mouth wide and lunged towards me. In an instant his mouth completely engulfed the demonic creature. Then, as quickly as the lion had appeared, he was gone.

The experience ended and I sat up in bed completely awake. I was sweaty and out of breath. I looked to God and cried out to Him and asked, "What was that?"

He spoke to me in the same fierceness as the Lion in the vision and said, "I love you ferociously!"

I knew that I had seen the ferociousness of God. Indeed, He was terrifying, but I had nothing to fear from Him because that terror was directed at my enemy and His love enveloped me. My Jesus loves me and the driving passionate love He feels for me is utterly terrifying to my enemies.

Jesus loves you ferociously, and your enemies shudder at the sight of Him! In Revelation 5:5, Jesus is described as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is truly awesome. He is our God and He is on our side. And He is driven by an all-consuming passion for intimacy with you.

As His bride and as His friend, you have great influence with Him, He loves you and will move mountains for you. His love for you and your love for Him can change the world.

Pray this with me:

Dearest Father,

I ask You to pour out Your ferocious love on me. Set me free to trust in Your love so You and I can work as one to set the captives free. Hold me close and bind me to Your heart, Lord. Stay with me, I need you always. I want to be Your friend, to truly know and love You.

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