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New Book by Victoria Boyson
Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


Intercessors Advance to the Frontline:
Your Greatest Victories Are Ahead of You!
Victoria Boyson

I saw an epic battle in the Spirit being fought against the demon of abortion as an extremely passionate army of intercessors gathered together to face a large army of what the Lord referred to as "politically persuasive demons," standing in defense of the spirit of abortion. Sent, not to seduce multitudes to vote for their preferred candidates, this army of demons were sent to politicize sin, ideologies, and everything and anything.

Dressed as successfully-attired humans, this army of darkness was, indeed, not human at all. They were an entire army of demon spirits pretending and acting as if they were humans with an evil politicized agenda. This demon-army had been sent to defend the spirit of abortion - they were protecting it!

I could see the abortion spirit behind them, but as long as the political spirits stood in front of it, it was basically untouchable and even unrecognizable by most. The power of the political spirits lay in the fact that they seemed human and acted as though they were very powerful and unmovable.

This was their war: it was a war of ideologies of every kind and they reveled in it.

It was the job and delight of this army to keep us distracted. Indeed, as long as they kept us focused on differing ideologies (as many as they could create), we were distracted from the true war. We fought only at substandard levels, which were not even battles worth winning in reality.

I watched sadly as we humans fought about all kinds of things these spirits would throw at us: same-sex marriage, Islam, terrorists, animal activism, land deals, deals with other nations and some as simple and benign as seatbelt laws, traffic laws, taxes and how much political vacations cost. Their plan was to create any type of fight to busy us and keep us from seeing the real crimes of death which plague our world. Their war was a war of distraction and they were winning it easily, until now.

Mighty Intercessors Advance
As the army of intercessors stood before the arrogant army of demons, their discernment seemed to be growing, increasing until they became ferocious and intimidating in the Holy Spirit. This powerful army of intercessors fearlessly approached the demons and commanded them to move away from the spirit of abortion. Fiercely, they spoke to the demon-army and declared the word the Lord had given to them: "Abortion must stand on its own and defend itself."

As messengers of an almighty God, they commanded the arrogant army to step aside and move away from the spirit of abortion. For the Father had decreed that abortion must be left on it's own, and its disguise must be removed. God in heaven had declared that abortion would be seen for what it was and not hidden or protected.

The army of demons, which had previously appeared to be unshakeable and unmovable in it's power, had to move aside. This massive army of demons literally had to bow their heads in submission to the commands and prayers of the intercessors and move away from the demon of abortion. They walked away from it and left him there to fend for himself, hoping against obvious strong doubts that he would defend himself and they would be able to return to their previously held positions of power.

At last, I could see clearly what this immense creature looked like and to call him a creature is actually a stretch. He could easily be described as a living, breathing mountain of blubbering flesh. It was as tall as a small mountain, but was barely even animal-like in its behavior.

Grotesquely, this cowardly demon of abortion looked as if he were covered in hamburger, until I looked more closely and could see what was covering him. I gasped as I saw his body. From head to toe, he was completely composed of tiny pieces of almost unrecognizable human baby parts. It was very alarming to see and extremely difficult to even comprehend. Yet, truly, he was entirely covered with the little humans that our society had destroyed.

This abortion monster was the stupidest creature I had ever seen in my life. He did not have a thought in his small brain except to devour. I heard him grunting very stupidly to himself, " More, more, more of the children of Adam and Eve." His hands were full, but he continued to act as though he were starving. His mind and body seemed consumed with selfishness, yet he was so fat he was barely able to move. He did not even recognize that his army of protectors were no longer there to shield him.

As the valiant intercessors approached the heinous spirit, they did so with incredible heaven-led passion, compelling them to annihilate this hateful demon.

As they approached the spirit of abortion, he was so dimwitted he thought they had come to feed him. He put out his hands in expectation and grunted, "More, more, more."

He didn't seem to even notice that the intercessors had begun to throw things at him. He made no move to defend himself, but continued to motion toward them with his hands for "more."

I looked closely at the intercessors to see what they were throwing at the demon spirit and it looked like balls of light. The intercessors pelted him with the light, which came from their hands, but then I saw something like lightning bolts shooting from their mouths, hitting him repeatedly from all sides.

When the intercessors first approached him, he was the size of a mountain and next to him they looked like ants. But as they pelted him with their prayers and proclamations, he began to shrink. Blow by blow and strike by strike, this mighty army of intercessors began to reduce this seemingly unmovable mountain of a spirit into a smaller and smaller demon until he was literally small enough for them to stomp on.

And that is what they did... they stomped on him until he was unrecognizable.

The intercessors stood over what was left of him and declared: "In Christ's name, demon of death, you will never come back in any other shape! You will not morph yourself into another stronghold! By our Lord's decree, you have been condemned to eternal death and will not rise again!"

I suddenly understood for the first time that the spirit of abortion had arisen from the ashes of Auschwitz, Chelmno, Dachau, and the like - from the extermination camps of the Nazi army. It was the demon of desolation which had penetrated the hearts and minds of humans, aided, of course, by the immense politicized army which protected it, contorting into the stronghold of abortion.

Prophets Raising Up Young Generals
It was then I heard a calling rise in the atmosphere as I watched the prophets decree over colleges and universities, high schools and grade schools, "Young generals, arise!"

As they did, I saw young teens and twenty-somethings filled with a burning heavenly anger. Like a light bulb suddenly being lit up inside them, they realized what had been done to their generation through the demon of abortion and the desolation that had been forced upon them.

Suddenly realizing that their friends, brothers and sisters, favorite aunts, and, truly, whole families had been stolen from them by abortion, they arose a massive army, indignant at the injustices which had been perpetrated upon them.

Seemingly unexpectedly, these young generals arose from the ashes of death and destruction heaped upon their generation by the forceful advance of hatred. As the assignment against them was vanquished, they rose, filled with the joy of light, the consciousness of a life-renewed!

I saw plainly it was the removal of the spirit of desolation that had oppressed the young warriors and kept them from fulfilling their calling - to bring about the needed atmospheric change to this nation and the world suffocating from the onslaught of hatred bombarding it.

The Father's captive warriors had been released and would, in turn, devour the hatred that had tried to cover the earth.

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