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New Book by Victoria Boyson
Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


Hello, Dear Friends,

Recently, my oldest daughter, Cassandra (23), had an intense encounter with the Lord. Immediately, when she shared it with me I knew I wanted to share it with you. She expresses in just a few pages the intensity of the journey we who are passionately pursuing Him have experienced.

I know you will agree with me that those of us who've been bound together by our love of Him have gone through such trial and even devastation - it is this experience she writes about. May all that we do continue to glorify the Lord and may He use it all for His glory. "All things work together for our good" - He does not want us to suffer, but He can, indeed, take our suffering and produce something beautiful out of it.

He will turn our mourning into dancing!

Much love,


Quest Unto Glory: Are You Ready?
By Cassandra Boyson

A large, immeasurable crowd of people had been led to a special place anticipating further direction. While waiting, they searched through the invitations they'd been sent that led them there, looking for clues as to what awaited them. In them, they were promised the chance to gain not only eternal life, but riches and glory.

Some had been promised a family, others fame, others freedom, while still others were there merely out of curiosity - a curiosity that seemed to overwhelm them as they waited. Attempts at finding answers in the others in the crowd turned up futile, for few had any real knowledge.

Some of the people had been waiting for years, searching for the secrets of this place. While others had only just arrived and these looked around shyly, certain that those who were already there must know what the invitations meant, but were too afraid to ask in fear of looking foolish.

However, one newcomer had the courage to ask her neighbor, "What am I here for? What is the meaning of all this?"

The neighbor shrugged. "Haven't a clue, dear. Sorry."

Undaunted the she continued, "Haven't you any idea at all?"

She was startled by the answer she received, "I don't know. All I know is, I'm going to own this thing. I'm gonna claw my way to the top if I can and then no one can hurt me anymore."

The newcomer blinked and returned quietly to the place she was before, certain her neighbor truly hadn't a clue.

Suddenly, the atmosphere began to change. The crowds sensed a shifting, the air was slightly warmer or brighter and it was somehow easier to breathe than it had been before. Some were frightened by the change and decided to leave, but many remained, continuing to wait for their Host: the One who had sent the invitation.

Again, their was a shifting in the atmosphere - becoming thick with a Presence.

The people raised their arms outward and upward feeling as though they were pressing through waves of oil. The air seemed to spark and burn with energy and fire. In the midst of the fire, the people began to feel cleansing, purifying waters rushing over them, making them feel more alive than ever before.

Just then, a mighty, majestic, playful wind began to blow through the expanse, tossing at hair and clothes, causing them to burst out with holy laughter and weeping. It was awakening dreams and visions, opening eyes and ears and they could now hear what the Host - the Spirit of this place would say.

He whispered, "Come. Follow me. Let me take you on adventures you've never even dreamed. I will be your Provider and your Protector. Enter into a journey of faith with Me. Traverse the depths of all I have for you. I want to give you more - more, more and more. My dreams for you are unending and they are everlasting."

He continued, "Jump - I dare you to jump. Jump into the pool of all I can give you. The journey may feel long at times and at other times it will be frightening, but I will be with you and it will be worth it, I promise."

A resounding heartfelt cry of "YES!" was heard and manifested in the hearts of the astonished crowd. They began to jump and dance and travail and cry, "Yes! Yes! I choose the journey and all it entails. I want to be Yours, all Yours. I will be Your family, oh, precious Love, precious Father. Take me where you will. I am all Yours!"

The Spirit of the Father replied, "But wait, listen. You will have to give up everything that holds you and draws you backward because I want to be your everything. You cannot afford to be double-minded. Will you say yes to this as well, My love?"

The ground began to rumble and tremble beneath the people. They could feel it beneath their feet, crawling up their legs and rumbling through their entire being and they began to leap and dance with more intensity.

It was the dance of the warrior - the explosive silent response of those who were choosing the ultimate yes. They exploded in complete surrender, "Yes to all - my all to yes. My all to the One. My cry is nothing but yes!"

The Father took a deep, satisfied, excited breath, eager for what awaited them. Abruptly, he smiled and said, "Then lets go."

The ground dropped from beneath their feet.

"Father, what is happening?!" they cried as they fell. "Where are You??"

"I'm here with you, just as I promised."

"What is happening?" they cried again.

He replied, "You are giving Me your all, your everything. I know it's frightening, but I long for your worship, My sons and daughters. Is it still a yes?"

"Yes!" they screamed, terrified and impassioned at the same time. For though they were afraid, they were beginning to feel truly free - free of the burdens and cares of the world. They thought... they thought... and they hoped... that they might actually be flying. The further they fell, the lighter they felt until they thought they must be flying.

Suddenly, they were struck with doubt and asked nervously, "Spirit of Love, where are you?"

They heard a tickled, ethereal laugh all around them and then, "I am here, with you. I am your wings - just look."

They looked to either side of themselves and found giant, magnificent wings carrying them into the depths below.

They began to giggle with pleasure and soar this way and that, trying out their new wings. "But where are we going?" they wondered.

Silence filled the air as the question resonated through each of their hearts.

"Where are we going?" they queried the Father.

He drew very close then and whispered, "Are you willing to die for Me?"

"We're headed for our death??" they shrieked. "What about all that we were going to do for You?"

"You don't have the power to do what you dream to do. I want to work through you. I want the world to see Who you've chosen. I want them to know Who I am. Are you willing to die for Me?"

Some of them began to question the Presence and struggle against the wings that were carrying them to their death.

Others asked, "Father... what will this death entail?"

The Father looked into their eyes. "Everything. All that you are. Your every 'yes cry', always. Can you lay your life down for Me?"

One, who had not long ago been only a "newcomer", looked back into the eyes of the One she loved. "Yes," she said quietly. "Take my life. I belong to You, to do with as You please."

The others looked at her in shock. Then they began to peer into their own hearts, questioning what they truly desired. Many realized that they had and wanted nothing apart from Him. Slowly, one by one and two by two, they cried, "Yes, Father. I am yours, not mine. I abandon myself to You."

No longer could they see the wings of the Spirit and they knew it was coming: the moment when their lives were laid down for Love.

In the next moment, an explosion took place as each of them hit the end they'd been plummeting toward. Smoke rose from the beings as their flesh burned from the explosion. A deep fire crackled in the silence, burning all that was not of the Father: all that was not good and pure and lovely and mighty and holy.

As the last of the fire snuffed out, there was darkness, silence, before a large flash of light seared across the expanse of corpses and the Son stepped out. He looked out over the field of the dead and breathed. His eyes were alive and full of the light and fire of sacrifice and love and eternity. He spoke, "Awaken, my bride. Rise up. Lets continue our journey everlasting journey."

The beings around Him began to rise. They looked down at where their flesh had been and found that they were gleaming transparent. They were glowing and pure and they could see the Son through their beings and they were more in love than ever before. They began to try out their new hands and legs and mouths and the Spirit poured out of them like a river. They turned to the Son and laughed. He laughed with them and they all began to dance again: the dance of the kingdom bride, knowing that there were still countless adventures to be had.

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