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God Told Me To Share My Secret Weapon With You
Victoria Boyson

When the enemy comes in like a flood, he tries everything he can to seem to have more powerful than what you have to resist him with. But even the smallest weapon in the hands of a person of faith is a weapon of mass destruction to the enemy's flood.

One of the tricks he uses to shake you is simply to overwhelm you with fear, yet the peace of God is more than a match for any amount of fear the enemy unleashes against you. When we fellowship with ALMIGHTY GOD, nothing the enemy has or ever will have against us can prevent us from stepping into the peace of God that exists for EVERY Christian.

Demon of Control
In the story of Naboth (1 Kings 21), when King Ahab wanted Naboth's prized family vineyard, he refused, saying, "The LORD forbid that I should give you the inheritance that was passed down by my ancestors." (v. 21:3)

It was an inconceivable request in Naboth's mind, yet Ahab threw an absolute fit when he was refused the vineyard. He went and pouted on his bed until Jezebel found him and decided to take the matter into her own hands - she saw it as a challenge. "'Are you the king of Israel or not?' Jezebel demanded. 'Get up and eat something, and don't worry about it. I'll get you Naboth's vineyard!'" (1 Kings 21:7 NLT).

She was affronted that anyone would dare to stand against them on any matter - she was accustomed to getting her way. Someone telling her "NO" was a challenge and an opportunity to play the "game" of CONTROL and MANIPULATION, which was her drug. It was a compulsion to her. She delighted in destroying anyone who dared to stand in her way.

So, she proceeded to devise a plan to destroy Naboth. 

Jezebel sent messages to the elders and leaders, the so called noble men of Naboth's home town, and told them to call the people together for a prayer meeting and give Naboth a place of honor. They were to seat two scoundrels with him who were willing to lie about him and accuse him of cursing God and the king, then take him out and stone him to death. So, the elders of the town committed a crime for Jezebel. Even knowing Naboth to be a good man as they must have, they were used by her and murdered one of their own. They held positions of trust in the town, yet used their positions to destroy Naboth and do Jezebel's dirty work - accusing him of wrong doing, then killing him.

Jezebel wanted CONTROL - that was her addiction. She didn't care what was at stake or who she had to kill, she just wanted to control at the cost of anything else. Truly, the demon Control held her in its grasp and used her like a puppet. This evil spirit wants to consume anything and everything and its favorite thing in the world is a challenge to its power. Like a game, it was an excuse to devour and destroy anything in its wake. There was NO END to what Control would do to consume the Lord's beloved humanity.

So fear of Jezebel and Ahab ruled the hearts of men and was controlled by it until someone stood up who was not afraid - who refused to fear even death.

We know that in 2 Kings 9, God raised up JEHU, who avenged the death of Naboth, killing Jezebel and, eventually, tearing down the dynasty of Ahab. Jehu was fearless and therefore immune to Jezebel's powers of manipulation and intimidation. Nothing could stand in his way - Jezebel couldn't control him!

Standing UP!
Today we are in a similar situation in our world. The spirit of control is enjoying the long stretch of power it has held over us and will do absolutely anything to keep its games going. But this world is not a game to God. This world is what He loves HE will do anything to protect humanity. Indeed, we are in a war right now for the souls of mankind, but God will never allow Satan to flood in over His people, He will NEVER LEAVE US WITHOUT HOPE!


Presently, the spirit of Jezebel is losing and like any losing bully, it's trying to use the only tricks it has, the only weapons in its arsenal - LYING and ACCUSING!

Recently, there have been reports circulating about witches cursing President Trump and his supporters. Of course, this has been happening for some time, yet what is astounding is the abject blatancy of their behavior. They are seriously freaking out! Yet, it is God who is exposing them to us.

Remember, "So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him" Isaiah 59:19.

God will not let them overwhelm you!

He will not allow them to steal your HOPE!

Their blatant opposition to the Lord is an opportunity for Him to SHOW His POWER to the world - to reveal WHO He is and that it is HE who has the TRUE POWER! He will show the world that HE is ALMIGHTY God! He is great and HE WILL PROVE HIS GREATNESS to the world!

We will see our God like a great eagle sheltering His beloved in His wings as He breathes fire on our accusers. This is our HOPE and this is our REALITY! Watch and see the total redemption of our Father and the destruction of the wicked in our midst. AND let God BE PRAISED in our world! Let His name be declared righteous and HOLY! Nothing shall by any means harm us, for our God is our redemption and HE DRAWS NIGH!

REJOICE, brothers and sisters! We serve a LIVING GOD and we are His beloved! Cast off fear and refuse to be intimidated by anything or anyone. You belong to God! Let the same power that rose up in Jehu overtake you and make you fearless! In Jesus' name!

One Simple Weapon
I have one simple weapon I am going to share with you to help you. It's been a very great treasure of mine. It was a gift the Lord gave me years ago that has gotten me through so many battles, it has by far proven its worth in any battle I've faced.

Indeed, it is so simple, that I've hesitated to share it with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I thought that because of its simplicity people would not receive it. But God woke me up this morning and implored me to share this secret with you. He told me, "They need it now, Victoria, and they are ready to receive it, because their need is great." So here it is.

Some of you will remember a little saying you may have said when you were a child to someone who was being cruel to you and calling you names. You would say, "I am rubber and you are glue. Whatever you say against me, bounces off me and sticks to you!" Do you remember that?

Well, the Lord taught me to pray it. So whenever I have experienced witchcraft, I will pray this simple prayer: "I am rubber and ___________ (name the person or group that is cursing you) is glue. WHATEVER they say against me bounces off of me and sticks to them."

That's it. I hope you weren't expecting something super spiritual. I told you it was a simple weapon.

Indeed, it is simple, yet one of THE MOST powerful prayers I pray. It's simple and safe, because if you are wrong and the person in question is not actually cursing you, then it is their blessings that will go back on them and stick to them.

When I've prayed this (and meant it) the demons launched against me by witchcraft have vanished and their effects over me soon disappear as well. In fact, knowing the power of this simple prayer, I will pray for those cursing me to bow their knees to the truth of Christ with the hope that when they realize they have no real power to hurt me, they will be humbled and turn to the ONE Who has ALL POWER!

It takes a humble heart to receive humble gifts and still see its true value, but I know you are so incredibly treasured by my blessed Father and He wants you to have this special weapon. Beloved, use it to stand for your family, friends and your nation - we need it!

All the enemy can do is LIE and ACCUSE. I know all too well how it feels to be lied about. I've been under relentless attack from Jezebel's games and yet, it's been a great opportunity for my FATHER to reveal His relentless LOVE to me. He's taught me so much through their attacks and I am truly grateful for all I've learned through the fire. Most importantly I've learned that I don't really care! I don't care about what the enemy can launch at me; it really doesn't matter, because my TRUE JOY is found in Christ ALONE!

This life is so fleeting, and what matters in it is my blessed assurance that I have LIFE in Him! NO ONE can take that away from me; all else is inconsequential.

It is my PRIVILEGE and JOY to share my little prayer with you, it's not really mine anyway - it's HIS! So, try it and bless His heart with the results, friends. The enemy can send a flood against you, but the bigger that flood is, the more he will drown in his own mess when you send it back to him.

God bless you, sweet friends. HAPPY PRAYING!

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