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Simply Love - Christmas in Heaven
Victoria Boyson

Whenever I've gotten down, feeling I was not able to do all I long to do for God, the Father pours His patient love on me and says, "If all you do for Me is to simply love Me as purely and as sweetly as you can, that is the most important thing you will ever do for Me."

She Mattered to Me
Years ago when I was only 8 years old, I encountered my heavenly Father for the first time. At that time, my family lived and worked at a Christian camp in Minnesota. One day, I went into the woods with a few friends to play and I brought my doll with me, but she was interfering with my fun. So, I set her down at the base of a large tree in the forest and went to join my friends.

Before falling asleep that night, I suddenly remembered my doll, which I left forgotten in the forest earlier that day. Our woods were so big and every tree looked the same. I started to cry because I felt I'd lost her for good. I prayed to my heavenly Father, "God, help me find my doll!"

Months later, I found myself in the same woods with my friends again. They had run off and I was by myself. I remember very clearly a voice coming from outside myself telling me to look in the pile of leaves at the base of a large tree.

I turned and look at the pile and wondered, "Could it be my doll?" Running to the tree, I felt assured I would find her.

Brushing aside the leaves, I reached into the pile and grabbed her arm and pulling her to myself, I hugged her tight. She was not damaged at all! She was exactly how I'd left her - her blonde, shagged hair was exactly how it was months ago. My Father God had restored her to me.

She was not an expensive doll. I don't think she even cost $10, but she was the only doll I had. I knew He restored her to me simply because she was important to me and He loved me.

Holding my doll to my chest, I felt the Father all around me as if He were right in the forest with me. I felt His voice fill my spirit and He said, "Victoria, there isn't anything I won't do for you if you ask me." I knew then He would stay close to me no matter what and He has.

A Dream Come True
Years later when I was in high school, I felt the call of ministry strongly in my life. But for some reason I thought if I followed His plan of ministry for me, I couldn't fulfill my own dreams I had for my life. Since I was very young, I'd dreamt of a family of my own - a husband who "really liked me," and I wanted two little daughters and two sons.

So, like any good teenager, I made a deal with God (He lets you do that sometimes). I told Him if He would give me the family I longed for, I would give Him my life to serve Him with. It was a misunderstanding on my part to think a life of ministry meant I could not have the family I dreamt of, but He was patient with me and let me make the deal.

I don't know what it is about Christmas, but it can make me pretty nostalgic. When I think back to the deal I made with God and consider how truly blessed I am to have the family I have, I'm filled with emotion. Indeed, God has made my dreams come true and I praise Him for it.

Through the years, I've seen Him so active in my life and He's never left me nor failed me. The Father has always made my simple love for Him seem very great. This year as we decorated the tree, I looked at the ornaments my little family has given to me and made for me over the years. I wept when I looked again at each child's homemade picture ornaments they made me many years ago.

It was then I saw the Father...

I saw Him in heaven holding a picture of me in His hands and crying over it with nostalgic love. Decorating heaven with all He holds dear, He then reached into His very large box of ornamental love pictures and hung them throughout His heaven. Over and over He reached for ornament after ornament of all the pictures of His children He loves so much. Some on Earth and some in heaven, He decorated the heavenly skies.

I saw Him holding one special picture ornament, of a small babe... it was His Son, the baby Jesus - the Christ child He sent to save the world. The Father was crying as He placed it out for all of heaven to see. He was so thankful for this precious Son who He sent away to Earth to redeem its inhabitants and restore them back to Himself.

Truly, Jesus wanted to go, but His sacrifice was felt deeply by all of heaven. For thirty-three years, the angels watched the little child grow into a man. Partly with pride at such a wonderfully strong man He'd become and partly with sadness for what He must endure for the sake of the world, they watched Jesus with baited breath. At last, He was restored to them again and heaven could rejoice in the children of earth being gifted back to the Father.

Our Father has found each of us at some time in our life abandoned or alone, yet, He has never left us. We first belonged to Him, for we are His creation. He saw us in our woundedness and loved us simply. Overjoyed at the treasure He has in us, He longs to deliver us and show off the beautiful riches He has in each of us.

And so, it is with a heart bursting with emotion He hangs your picture ornaments all over heaven in joyous remembrance of who you've been in the past, who you're becoming and in the anticipated joy of you coming home to Him at last. Heaven delights in your life on Earth, because the Father loves you - you are important to Him. Very Important.

Christmas Rush
Whether it's decorating, baking cookies or preparing gifts to celebrate the Christ child, this time of year brings such busyness. But in all the hustle and bustle make sure to take the time to enjoy the simple love of your Heavenly Father who loves you purely and sweetly always.

Merry Christmas,


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