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The Glory, Part 2:
Ball of Fire
Victoria Boyson

"I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled" Luke 12:49-52.

I was meditating on the Lord when suddenly He opened up the spirit realm to me and I saw Him in His glory. He was surround with white fire; it looked like a ball of glory surrounding Him. The glory was a strong force of power that pulsated as it emanated from Him. He was magnificent, yet He made Himself approachable to me.

I saw in His being such strength of power and authority that I knew, except for His presence helping me, I would be terrified of Him. He was more incredible than anything I could describe to you. He was not revealing Himself as a Lamb, but as a Lion. Still to describe Him as a lion does not really describe the intensity of His presence.

I knew that nothing on this earth would compare to His glory. And as I beheld Him, all the things that seem to matter to me on this earth suddenly did not matter at all. All the hurt, pain and struggle seemed irrelevant as I stood before Him.

The situations that brought me such worry or heartache, seemed disarmed by His awesome power. They were no match for God! Indeed, there was no one on this earth who could stand against Him or anyone He chose to defend. How could the created being even be compared in glory or strength to its Creator? It simply cannot.

God, in His mercy, makes Himself more approachable to us by often showing Himself to us as a Lamb or a Father. But in His true essence He is every bit GOD Almighty and nothing can or ever will compare to Him.

What I felt the most in Him was the absolute authority He had. He was holy and righteous - His word was final. When He made a judgment, it was true and just. And when He chose to defend someone, His defense was fearsome.

A Great Crowd of People
As I observed Him in His glory, I saw that much of what surrounded Him was not just power, but people. He was surrounded by a great crowd of people that were a part of His glory; they were a part of Him. They had all been consumed by His glory and were as much a part of it and Him as He was - they were made one with Him.

The Lord spoke to me as I stood before Him and said, "Victoria, would you like to be a part of My glory? Would you like to come into My glory and be with Me?" Of course, I naturally said, "Yes!" He then said, "Victoria, you cannot bring your stuff in here."

"What stuff?" I replied. And then I saw that I carried a large suitcase behind me. I had been dragging it around with me without even realizing it.

"You've got to let go of your stuff, Victoria. You cannot bring it in here with you. You must let it go." He said.

Without even having to contemplate my decision, I let go of the suitcase filled with the encumbrances of the flesh and stepped into the ball of fire. Instantly, I saw myself changed in His presence, so much so that it appeared that I was not even the same person I used to be.

I saw that the dirty rags that I was clothed in became gleaming garments of glorious white that emanated a great light. As I stood before Him, I felt overwhelmed and fell down at His feet. He was so holy and I felt so insignificant before Him. I could not even look at Him - I was undone.

I felt Him reach out to me and lift my face to meet His gaze. He said, "You are my friend." Those words were all I needed to restore me. They lifted the condemnation of my flesh from me and I could stand before Him again.

I stood before Him for some time and as I did, He imparted His power and authority into me. There were many others, a whole company of believers, who stood as one before Him while absorbing the same power that was radiating from Him. It wasn't just power from Him, but it was His nature and every bit who He was, indeed, it was Him. He imparted the essence of Himself to us.

Nameless, Faceless Army
As we were consumed by Him, we became one with ONE HEART and ONE MIND. In the same instance, we rose before Him and turned without His speaking even a word to us - we just went. Out into the world. All over the world. We went as a nameless, faceless army completely surrendered to Him. Nothing of who we were remained. We were nothing and yet, we were everything that He was.

The idea of the thinking for ourselves or of thinking of ourselves did not enter our minds; for we were completely given over to the kingdom of God - to HIS glory and HIS purpose.

As He directed us by His spirit, we were sent. I saw thousands from this army go out and lay their hands on others who were hungry for His glory and it was given to them and they were filled with Him and possessed by His glory. His glory spread quickly and rapidly filling the earth.

However, what for some was a melting and surrendering of their will to His for others it was a hardening of their hearts against the Lord. They would not accept His Lordship and would not lay down the encumbrances of their flesh in order to truly enter His glory.  Their selfishness and pride was robbing from them the abundant life in Him; they wanted God, but on their own terms.

They had built kingdoms of their own glory and refused to give them up. They rejected the mercy that made all men equal. They scrambled to save their lives by condemning others and living for themselves, they lost their lives.

Mark 8:35 says, "He who gives his life away will find it."  Luke 20:17-18 says, "Jesus looked at them and said, 'What then is this that is written: The stone which the builders rejected, this became the chief corner stone? Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces; but on whomever it falls, it will scatter him like dust.'"

Letting Go
Dear saints, we have got to let go of the "stuff" that keeps us from experiencing the glory of God. All fear, unforgiveness, pain, ambition, expectations, plans, dreams, revenge, false mindsets, pride, anger, jealousy, perversion, selfishness and all lusts of the flesh must be left behind. We have to let it go - it is not worth holding on to - for it is robbing us from the fulfillment of our abundant life He came to give us.

God has so much of Himself that He longs to give us. True peace, inexpressible joy and lasting love are all ours. What are we giving up? Nothing. Nothing but the seeds sown into our lives by the enemy.

Behold, the Lord is indeed ready to bring a great fire to this earth and for some it will bring great wrath and despair. Yet, for others it will bring untold joy. It is only those who bow low before Him who will experience the richness of His glory...His true LIFE!

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