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New Book by Victoria Boyson
Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


This is Victoria's husband, Steve.

My father passed away only four short weeks ago.  He was my dad, but also a very good friend.  People have often gone to the comforting words, "He's in a much better place now." I know they mean well, hey, I've said it myself a million times to others and even thought it about my father at the time of his death.

The truth is...he IS in a much better place, but my perception of that fact was made much clearer when the Lord reminded me of a particular vision Victoria shared in her book, "Revolution: The White Horse Rider."

model_a_180My dad had a love and passion for antique Ford Model A's. I remember the all the vintage cars he restored and my mind is filled with many great memories riding around in the rumble seat of his Ford Model A coupe. Here is a picture of his favorite daily driver.

When my father died, right away I remembered Victoria's vision she shares of Beloved's ride with Jesus in heaven in a Model A, and knew that is exactly where Jesus would take my dad. So, this word is dedicated to my father, but I know you will be encouraged by it too.

In Him, Steve Boyson

The Lord's Delight
(Chapter 2 Revolution: The White Horse Rider)
Victoria Boyson

Joyously ecstatic over the sudden realization of who her Guide actually was, Beloved was awestruck as she looked at Jesus.

Powerful and elegant as He walked with her, He casually reached around her and covered her shoulders with a luxuriously heavy, regal robe designed to bring her comfort. She had turned to watch Him and saw, amazingly, the robe He'd given her was beautifully embroidered with a large gold cross displayed boldly on the back.

"What royalty!" she exclaimed to Him.

"Truly," He said, stifling a snicker. "In My Father's house are many... robes..." He chuckled. He sought to ease the intensity of her heart after the overwhelming encounter she had just experienced with the Father. "Would you like to see more of heaven?" He asked her.

Overjoyed by what He offered, she replied with an effervescent, "Yes!"

"What would you like to see, Beloved?"

Caught off guard by His question, she didn't know how to answer. As she hesitated, a thought sprang to her mind. "What place would You like to show me?" 

Jesus smiled that strong broad smile of His and reached over and grabbed her hand. He seemed delighted, almost mischievous, as He led her to a little white building that resembled a simple cafe. Walking through the door, Beloved looked around and saw booths and a few customers filling the relatively small room.

She looked up to the Lord with a face filled with inquiry as He responded with a laugh, and a, "Just wait." He motioned with His hands to the order counter of the cafe.

Beloved watched in amazement as a small child walked up to the counter and then quickly walked back from where he'd come from, only to return again bringing several other children with him.

Hurrying to follow their friend, a crowd of four to five children quickly made their way to the counter to greet, it would seem, one of their favorite and most familiar customers. Their friend and playmate, Jesus, had come in to the restaurant to play with them, and they were delighted.

Jesus introduced Beloved to His playmates, and they were happy to meet her, but were all business as they played restaurant. Moving swiftly into their familiar positions, they stood at attention as the Lord looked over the menu. Anticipating His order, they all stood bright-eyed with captive delight.

Easily stepping into His role as the customer, Jesus hid His smile and very seriously ordered a meal for them to prepare. As He proceeded through the ordering, each child would jump to attention and rush to begin their preparations for serving the Lord. With the greatest seriousness, they worked energetically to cook for and serve the King of kings. And He enjoyed every minute as equal attention was given to Beloved's order as well.

When orders were taken care of in a professional manner, they assured them both of their quick fulfillment. As Jesus and Beloved left the counter, they took a seat at a nearby booth.

Watching the activity in the kitchen, Beloved took the opportunity to probe Him about the restaurant. Charmed by her delight, He beamed as He shared the details of one of His favorite spots in heaven.

"This place is famous! People love to visit the children as they play restaurant; it truly is a real pretend cafe that only kids are allowed to work at. All of heaven cherishes it. They love to patronize it, not for the food necessarily, but for the atmosphere of play, which the kids, of course, take very seriously," He laughed.

After what seemed like such a short time, a crowd of activity came pouring out of the kitchen into the dining area. A small dutch door connected to the order counter flew open, pushed by a youthful, giggling gang of pretend waiters and cooks. The children approached their booth.

Fighting back signs of pleasure, they each very professionally delivered cups, plates, and baskets brimming with their concoctions. With sincere delight, they watched as Jesus responded to their anticipation with a large, hearty bite of a very cheesy macaroni dish they'd prepared for Him.

"Ahhhhh..." came His exaggeratedly scrumptious response. The children filled the room with sounds of joyous satisfaction as they twirled in delight with playful "relief." Grown-up customers from all corners of the room joined the group in their occasion for fun!

Beloved felt she could have stayed in that place forever. She was elated to have been so privileged to watch her Lord at play. He didn't seem at all to be placating the children, but was genuinely enjoying His time with them and was artful in His role as patron.

She started to think more about Him. She thought she knew what He was like, but there was so much more depth to Him than she'd ever wondered about previously.

Her curiosity grew as she watched Him, when suddenly He turned to her quite unexpectedly.

"Beloved, dear, how about a go around the place?" He said, feeling quite relaxed after His time with the children.

Caught off guard, Beloved was drawn out of her thoughts, "A go, Lord?" she asked. But her question came too late. He wasn't waiting for a response, He was having too much fun. He whisked her arm in His and, saying, "Bye," to the children, He headed out the door.

Her marvel increasing, Beloved was completely captivated by Jesus. Her curiosity delighted Him. Completely free from any of the plaguing fears and insecurities of earth, she trusted the Lord absolutely and wanted to prolong their time together.

With her arm in His, they were both suddenly caught up in the Spirit atop a large breathtakingly beautiful hill in heaven. From its vantage point they could see all the extraordinary views of His home. His broad smile filled His face and His eyes lit up as He pointed out to her His favorite landscape and preferred hills.

Laughing, the Lord suddenly transported them both to the base of a beautiful ravine He cherished. But she didn't understand why He was laughing. Jesus was giddy with excitement to reveal a surprise He had in store for her.

Rounding the corner of the ravine, and pointing at what appeared to be a brand new Model-A Ford, a broad smile filled His lovely face. "Look at that!" He said bursting into laughter again.

Beloved was astonished!

A stunningly beautiful convertible in burgundy-red with leather seats and wooden accents showed off as if it were brand new and just rolled off the assembly line the day before.

Full of questions, Beloved squealed with delight, "You have cars in heaven? How? Why do you have cars in heaven?"

Anticipating her inquisition, He grinned and shot back, "We just like them!"

Beloved screamed with joy, "Take me for a ride!"

Anticipating a heavenly drive through the hills, she was shocked when the car lifted into the air and flew. The Lord gently glided His car through the sky, passing over the hills and valleys they'd just walked through. As they continued, they passed over lovely, heavenly saints. In her excitement, Beloved waved down at them and they, in turn, waved and hollered out, "Hello, Beloved," as if they'd always known her. 

After they'd flown awhile, Jesus told Beloved to look in the back seat of the car.  Turning around to see what His next surprise for her was, she found a pile of opulent pearls, each about an inch in diameter. Extraordinarily luminous, she gathered up the biggest handful she could muster and just held them in her hands. 

She squealed with enthusiasm as each pearl seemed to reflect a whole world of creativity back at her.

The Lord freely said, "You can have as many as you like!"

Again, He told her to look in the back seat. She whirled about, anticipating another grand surprise. But when she looked this time, she saw the sweetest little kitten, ever-so darling, mostly black with perfect little white feet.

"Awww, how precious! What do you call him?"


Beloved drew the precious bundle up and snuggled her face in his and, feeling no fear whatsoever, she asked confidently, "Oh, how sweet. Can I have it?"

The Lord laughed and answered, " can hold him."

Holding the little fella, Beloved thought about how He'd placed greater value on the kitten than He had the pearls. He'd eagerly told her to take all she wanted of the pearls, and yet when she asked about the kitten, He didn't want to relinquish His little Socks to her.

Having a greater understanding of Him now, this newest revelation of His character made her love Him even more. Things, even so-called great treasure, mattered very little to Him, and yet people and animals were what He value most.

The happy pair flew over several more best-loved canyons and hills, seeking out all the Lord's favorite places for adventure.

Looking over the endless landscape of heaven and knowing there was so much more to see than what she'd been shown, she thought to herself, "It would be impossible to ever be bored up here."

Looking down at picturesque ravines and valleys, she watched as the peaceful people of heaven enjoyed the countryside of paradise. Again, everyone she caught sight of gave her a hearty wave and greeted her as if they knew her personally and loved her. Their greetings flooded her heart with overwhelming acceptance - a very powerful acceptance that seemed to penetrate her spirit and affect her physical body.

Over the breathtaking oceans she stared with great interest at the people enjoying the water, as if on holiday, on what seemed to her to be every type of boat ever made, and some she did not recognize. Historical vessels sailed alongside present-day boats and yet, to her, they all appeared brand new. 

Beloved noticed the Lord had grown quiet, and she turned toward Him as if He needed her. His expression changed and His countenance became much more serious. "What is it, Lord?" Beloved asked. "What's troubling you?"

He did not answer her, but instead landed His beautiful car gently on the green lawn overlooking the crystal-blue sea nearby.

Turning to face her, He spoke, "Beloved, you were not brought here to see these things... but you were called to witness something of great magnitude that will affect pronounced change on the earth. You've been summoned to observe the preparations heaven is making to advance their charge into the spirit-realms of earth. Are you willing to witness it?"

Feeling her heart grow steadily more concentrated with the weight of the intensity the Lord carried in His, she recognized the feeling of steadfast urgency He held for the earth's imperative need.

"Yes, Lord," was all she could answer and then, suddenly, He was gone.

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