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The Reigning Bride
Victoria Boyson

You are destined to bring Heaven to Earth!

I saw in my spirit a massive, ancient, almost ominous wooden door in the heavenlies that was suddenly broke open. It had been closed for a very long time, but I felt that all of heaven was anticipating its opening.

I knew in my spirit that the Body of Christ was at last ready to receive the treasures that were kept hidden behind this door. Although it was dark and forbidding, it held great treasure. It opened at first with just the sounds of wood breaking, and then shafts of light began to emerge from behind it. Out from the cracks in this dusty old door beamed the most brilliant light - the light of the kingdom of God.

Indeed, the light bears the truth of the reigning Bride of Heaven walking fully in Christ's triumphant victory. Through this precious bride would come the government of Heaven to Earth.

At last, Heaven's prayers would be answered and the prophesy of Christ in John 14:12 would be fulfilled that "anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done and even greater works." The triumphant Church of Jesus Christ - His precious bride - would rise with revival in her heart and take her rightful place by His side. And truly, the Bride of Jesus would learn to reign with Him in power and authority.

It is the dawn of a new day for the Church!

The Terror of Hell!
If you examine the life of Jesus Christ you will see that He was, indeed, loving and compassionate. But also, He did not coddle demons He rebuked them. When He encountered demonic forces, He took authority over them. He reigned with compassionate authority and would not allow the enemy to harass or abuse those He cared for. He did not try to reason with the enemy, He just commanded them to leave.

Wherever Christ went, He spoiled the works of darkness and caused chaos in the enemy's camp. He was relentless against the powers of darkness. Where there was sickness, He brought healing. Where sin had taken hold, He brought revelation and deliverance. No demon was safe wherever Jesus went, because He took authority over them. Demons trembled when He approached. He was the terror of hell!

Yes, because of the authority Jesus walked in, hell feared Him. They had every reason to: Jesus knew who He was and Whose He was!

Jesus lived in the realm of the miraculous; His life was hemmed in by one miracle after another. He did amazing and incredible things. Blind eyes were opened, lame men walked, the dead were raised, demons fled and lepers were cleansed. He astonished the world and then He set the stage for you and I to walk in the same power and authority that He did.

Christ's Plan for Us: Greater Works!
If you are amazed by the miracles that Christ performed and the works He did on the Earth, be prepared to be even more amazed because He said that we would do even greater works than He did! He wants us to do so much more. That is His plan for us. It was His idea for us to do great, incredible, amazing and miraculous things. He wants us to dwell in the realm of the miraculous. He wants us to cause as much trouble for the kingdom of darkness as we can.

Christ wants us to meet sickness head on and bring His healing power where it's needed. And where there is demonic activity, He desires for us to cast it out. He wants us to tear down, rip apart and ravage the strongholds of the enemy.

Heaven is boldly anticipating the awakening of the reigning Bride of Christ and is opening the doors to the government of Heaven in preparation. For the first time in history we will see the realms of Heaven touch the Earth and we must match Heaven's anticipation with our deliberate embrace of the authority and victory He's given us.

No longer should we hang our heads in false humility or let shame wear us down. We need to cast off passivity and realize our role as His Bride. He has destined us to reign at His side and to care for the world as He would. His joy is for us to walk in His compassionate authority and dispel darkness infusing it with light. As His Church and His bride, it is our joy and responsibility to watch over and ignite the fires of revival growing on the Earth. 

What Does the Enemy See When he Looks at Us?
The enemy has been busy harassing the Body of Christ. He has tried to weigh us down with accusation and condemnation until we feel weak and incapable. But why has he done this? What is he afraid of? Why is he trying so hard to condemn us and convince us we are powerless? Because he is absolutely terrified of us and the thought that we might actually discover just how powerful we are is horrifying to him. So, out of his fear of us he hounds and harasses us.

What does the devil see in us that is so terrifying to him? He sees the righteousness of God (see 1 Corinthians 5:21) and untapped resources of the power of Heaven. He knows the prophesy of Christ is looming before him, and that at just the right moment the church will indeed break forth in the power and authority of the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ!

The enemy is petrified of you, Beloved. That's right! You may see yourself as insignificant, but believe me, you are what hell fears! When you stand to your feet, hell trembles. When you kneel to pray, it panics. And when you speak forth the truth of God in the authority of Christ, demons run screaming.

There are no little saints in the kingdom of God; no second-hand anointings. Each one of us plays an important role in the army of Heaven. We must all do our part in fighting the enemy and take the ground where the Lord has placed us.

You are important to the kingdom of God! He needs you! God needs you to employ Heaven's authority to govern this world; the power of God gains access to this Earth through you. And through you His will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven (Matthew 6:10). You are the door by which Heaven touches Earth!

Christ defeated the hold the enemy had on us through His triumphant victory on the cross. He stripped the enemy of his power over us and gave us the keys to the kingdom of Heaven (see Colossians 2:15). That is the truth of who we are, of what He's done and what we will do.

It is time we stand up for who we are in Christ and not let the enemy torment us with his lies. It's time for the past to stay in the past and not allow the enemy to remind you of it in order to keep you chained to it. Rip off the chains of condemnation and guilt and use them to strangle him. You ARE the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and greater works shall you do.

The light that beamed out from the cracks around the door was so radiant it would have been blinding had it opened any more than just a mere crack. But listen Saints, it is opening and we are beginning to see the truth that before we were unable to fully receive: we have authority in Jesus Christ and what He did on Calvary was for us, not just for our salvation, but to give us power and authority. 

Beloved, please recognize yourself as His reigning Bride. Christ is revealing more of who you truly are in Him. It is you He has chosen to reign by His side and preside over the world with all the love and power He has. You are the reigning Bride of Heaven.

Join me now in placing your feet in His footprints and walk in all that He has for you!

Love in Jesus, Victoria

Please pray this with me:

Dear Father,

I receive the gift of authority that You purchased for me with Your Son's precious blood. Make me the terror of hell and the joy of heaven. Lord, I thank you that I will walk in your power and authority.

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