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Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


The Revival of the Bride ~ A Vision
Victoria Boyson

Though we have been crushed, we have not been destroyed. We have been wounded, yet, we live...even more now through the strength of our Beloved. He lives through us, even more, as we are about to undergo a revival of His presence. A revival sent from a loving God to a wounded and despairing church who is in great need of His love to make them whole, to help them soar and to be what they have always dreamed of becoming...

I recently had a vision of a man and his wife. The man prepared to leave his new bride for a short time to return home to build a special home for them. He spoke tenderly to her before he left and promised that he would be gone for just a short while and would return to her as soon as he could.

However, she was quite anxious about the time that he would be separated from her. To calm her, he asked a friend of his to come and watch over his bride while he was away from her. He asked him to care for her and to treat her as he would himself. The man agreed to help.

The Broken Promise
Unfortunately, when the friend of the bridegroom came to check on the bride as she was alone without her husband, he became very angry with her. He believed lies about her and began to accuse her falsely of all kinds of wrong doings. He screamed violently at her and tore her apart with his words.

As he screamed, he became even more enraged and began to beat her. He bound her hands together and she fell to the ground with the weight of his blows against her, yet he continued to strike her.

He did not care at all for this woman and it was inconsequential to him whether she lived or died. He was so angry and contemptuous toward her. Because she was not what he thought she should be, he wanted to destroy her. Yet, a small remnant of fear for what his friend (the husband) might say or do upon his return kept him from killing her

Departing in fear, he left her lying on the floor groaning in pain, both physical, as well as pain from the horrible accusations he had launched against her. The accusations hurt her more than the physical beating because they made her hate herself.

The Return of the Bridegroom
When the bridegroom came home, he was horrified to find his cherished bride in such unspeakable condition. He rushed to her side, picking her up and holding her in his arms. He promised that he would find the one who did this to her and hold him accountable for what he had done.

Filled with a terrible resignation in his heart, he laid the bride on her bed and left to find his "friend." He found him and the friend was filled with fear for his life. At the sight of the bridegroom, he was instantly filled with overwhelming regret. With anguish in his eyes, the bridegroom cried, "She was my bride. As my friend, I expected you to love her, but you nearly destroyed her!"

The bridegroom drew his sword and quickly tore the man to pieces. He then returned to be with his bride as she lay still. He held her close to himself and told her that he slew the man who had wounded her.

As he looked at his beloved bride whom he treasured beyond measure, he sobbed passionately. Yet, despite his wretched anguish, he began to sing songs over her. He cried from the depth of his heart as he sang songs of life and love - powerful life-giving songs filled with the power to heal.

The Soaring Bride
As he sang and loved her, she began to regain strength - he was refreshing her. Even so, he felt that she was not able to receive his love; something was hindering it from reaching her spirit. He realized that through the pain of the abuse and accusations a stone had grown in her heart that kept her from receiving his love. She did not feel that she was worthy of being loved.

He wept over her again as he saw this rock of painful accusations, mistreatment and condemnation encompass her once beautifully vulnerable heart. With earnestness, he ripped the horrible stone from her chest and held what remained of her ragged, raw heart in his hands.

It seemed lifeless and unrepairable. Yet, as he held it, he closed his eyes and looking to heaven he began to cry over her. Again and again he cried over her precious heart. Tears fell from his face onto his bride as he loved her with a truly passionate, unbridled love.

As he cried, a tiny hand reached up and gently grabbed his arm. He looked down to see his beautiful bride whole again, shining with a heavenly light. His love had restored her, and she glowed with a beauty that was unearthly. Heaven shown now through her eyes as she was able to receive fully of her bridegroom's wondrous love for her.

He rejoiced as he began to sing again songs of deliverance over his treasured bride. This time it penetrated her soul and she became filled with great strength. Only it was not her strength that she had now, but an supernatural strength that could not be taken from her.

Church, you are this bride...and though you have been mistreated by those who promised to love you, you will arise again. With healing and heavenly strength you will soar and you will stand, not as a fearful bride, but with confidence and strength.

Dearest Lord,
I ask that for every one who reads and receives this message You would repair their damaged hearts, removing stone and breathing Your life into the wounds left by the enemy. Lord, sing songs of deliverance and love over Your beloved bride and help them to soar. Revive Your bride!

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