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They Almost Destroyed Her!
Victoria Boyson

This article is a portion of my book, God's Magnum Opus: The Value of a Woman.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" James 1:17  NIV.

The Father's Truth
Who do you think understands your real value? Do you feel your family or  friends know your true worth? Do you turn to your spouse or parents to  estimate your value? Are you a fair judge of your own personal merit?

There is only ONE accurate version of the truth of your worth and that is the Father's truth. You cannot count on any person to give you a true estimation of your value. Indeed, only your heavenly Father understands your correct standing,  because you are His creation.

Your heavenly Father has known you from your mother's womb. Only He really  understands you and the things that have fought hard to wound your soul  and steal your confidence. He sees you through eyes uncluttered by human hindrances and social sentiment.

God sees you as the perfect gift He destined you to be to the earth. For, "When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God. He created them male and female and blessed them. And he named them 'Mankind' when they were created" Genesis 5:1-2 NIV. He saw you then as He sees you now: a miracle of promise to the earth!

So, if your Father alone knows your true worth, it makes sense that you  should look only to Him for your personal evaluation and guidance for  your future. If you are to fulfill your destiny in Christ, you must  fight to make God the mirror of your competency and ability. All other  messages sent to captivate your attention and warp your opinion of  yourself must be cast down if you are to develop your voice for Him.¬ 

Hibiscus Bush
When my family and I moved from Iowa to Texas, I was so excited to be in a  region of the United States where tropical plants would flourish. I  purchased and planted several hibiscus bushes and most of them did quite well, but one particular bush was dwarfed in comparison to the others.  It refused to grow and its leaves eventually turned yellow and died.

I struggled with the bush for months and babied it with special powders  and fertilizers. Praying and prophesying over it, I declared life and  health, but to no avail.

Later that year, a polar vortex (cold spell) hit Texas, and along with my  failing bush, all the tropical plants I planted were killed. As I pulled up the dead plants to start over, I saw that the troubled bush I had  struggled to keep alive had grubs in its roots and was slowly being  devoured by them. It had been the nasty grubs that had kept it from  growing and becoming the beautiful bush it was purposed to be.¬ 

I began to realize how we as humans, have similar troubles - little lies  attacking our roots at our foundation. Inaccurate thoughts we have  believed about ourselves have been the culprits of our demise and have  kept us from growing, maturing and bearing fruit. It is the lies the  enemy plants in our minds that keep us from thriving and living in more  than just merely a survival mode.

Cassandra's Trial
My oldest daughter, Cassandra, loves God passionately and grew up with  such a vibrant openness, loving everyone. When she was only seven years  old and just starting to read, I found her alone in her room with her  Bible in her lap crying uncontrollably. She couldn't even breath, she  cried so hard, and when I asked her why, all she could say was, "So many people are going to hell, Mama."

The overwhelming thought of lost souls seemed to possess her. With almost  every friendship she had, she drew them to the Lord. Truth be told,  their parents didn't always like it when their children were saved and  filled with the Spirit and came home praying in tongues.

One of Cassandra's favorite things to do was to have what she called a revival on Halloween. Blaring Christian music from her CD player for all the  neighbors to hear, she would stand outside on our front porch and shout  for passersby to come to our house and get saved. As far as she knew,  she believed she would, indeed, win the world to Jesus. Even as a child, she had intense purpose and passion - it was beautiful.

Cassandra was only twelve when our dream of putting our children into Christian  school was realized. Unfortunately, this dream turned into a nightmare  when her teacher taught the kids in her class that women (young girls  included) were not allowed to be in ministry or even to pray when men  were present. She actually taught the young girls and boys of her class  that women were second-class citizens, created that way by God. In every possible way, she indicated that girls were not as good as boys and  they absolutely could never be in ministry.

Naturally, I felt compelled to confront the teacher about what she was teaching my daughter and it was then I realized the erroneous teachings were in her very deep. She considered my objections against her to be persecution,  and instead of seeing the pain she had caused, she saw herself as a  martyr for what she believed.

I realized there was nothing I could say to her that would change the way she believed. Even after hearing our objections against this doctrine,  she refused to allow the girls in her class to pray. Quite the contrary, she used the incident to make the point that God only wants men to lead in religious activities and that no woman is the equal of a man.

Through the time Cassandra was in her class, she repeatedly made it clear that  women and even young girls were never to be in any type of ministry.¬   The mere thought that this could be true was devastating to Cassandra.  Can you imagine the effects of a teacher saying this to a 12 year old  girl who wants only to serve God?

At the end of the school year, Cassandra came to me and asked, "Mom, why  was I even born?" She felt like God did not like her, approve of her or  love her.

I tried very hard to convince her that God valued her and loved her. But  it seemed that no matter what I said to her, the little lies about women from this teacher (and others) were chewing away at the roots of her  faith, destroying her joy and purpose in life, even her relationship  with God.

The Battle for Destiny
From the time she was seven years old, Cassandra loved God with a great  passion and wanted nothing more than to grow up and become a preacher  and save souls. Now, just a mere five years later, this beautiful  passionate flowering "bush" was being eaten alive by the enemy's  devastating lies about women and literally stripped her of her life's  purpose.

As her Mom, I truly fought hard to prove to her the lies about women were  just that, but she was not easily convinced. It did not help that the  attack against her was backed by other sources as well. The enemy will  always hit you where you are already weak and he compounded the lies in  Cassandra's mind as we fought hard to dispel them. It was, indeed, a  battle for her destiny, her soul and even her life. With barely giving  her a chance to breath, the enemy continued to pour his poison into her  life and brought wave after wave of devastation through one misguided,  reckless individual after another.

Honestly, it is difficult for me to think back at the attacks the enemy threw at  her during this time. It changed her from being a perky, trusting girl,  to being extremely guarded and shy. It wasn't just her destiny the enemy was after, he wanted to take her life. By destroying her life's  purpose, he could then make life unbearable to live - life purpose is that important.

At this point, she decided to fight back, but needed proof to fight with  and came to me for answers. Diving into the Word of God, I purposed  myself to find anything and everything I could to prove to her, first,  that God loved her and fashioned her to be a woman and, second, that her calling to minister was a gift from her heavenly Father who loves her!

The fruit of my study to save Cassandra is the product of this book!


I've spent ten years compiling Spirit-led truths about women from the Word  of God, historical references, as well as comparing cultural differences to give women an accurate view of how their heavenly Father sees them. I believe God has prepared this book for this hour to liberate women,  enabling them to bring in the vast harvest we are about to witness.

Women are extremely important to the Father - they are His gift to mankind.  He wants His daughters to know how much He loves them and how wonderful  and¬  capable they are. In God's eyes, you are truly His Magnum Opus, the great work of His creation masterpiece. He made you so very special,  because you were a gift to a very dear friend - man.

More than ever in history, women need to know how truly powerful and capable they are. We need Godly men and WOMEN to stand up and take their place  to reveal heaven to the earth. As Christians, we have the power to stop  what the enemy is trying to do to this nation and the world.

Little FeetAlso, my friends, please pray as I urged in my last newsletter, "
I Feel Like I Woke Up From a Nightmare, but I Wasn't Asleep," where I wrote about the tragedy of abortion and the need for prayer for America. Elijah, who was as human as we are, prayed for no rain to fall for three and a half years (James 5:17) and it came to pass.¬  Please  stand with me and give ONE-HOUR a day to pray for this nation. It is not too much to ask when so much is at stake.

If you miss my last article about abortion, you will find it

Love and Blessings, Victoria Boyson

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