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Thirty-One Kings
Victoria Boyson

I woke up from a dream and felt the presence of the Lord all over me. In the dream, God told me to tell His children to: "Believe for more from God."

The Lord said that we, as His church, do not believe for enough. We expect less because we're afraid to fully trust in His power. God wants us to pursue the miraculous - to believe for greater works from Him. He wants to show the world what He is capable of and needs us to believe for more - not just for ourselves, but to display His power to the lost. He wants to reveal His power to the world!

The world is becoming increasingly more cynical about the things of God having greater faith in "science" than in Him. He wants us to change that.

Too hard you say? That's why He wants us to expect more from Him.

The Purpose of the Battle
Many see the increased wickedness of the world we live in and say, "Yep, this is just the way it's gonna be. We can't stop it. The world gets darker everyday." But this isn't the first time that darkness has increased. If you look at history you see in many societies darkness has increased and tried to destroy the works of God. But instead of allowing the enemy to have his way, they stood their ground and fought for the genuine power of God. We must fight for God's power in our own personal lives, the church and also the world. 

We've often misunderstood the purpose of our battles. Battles are not meant to just cause us tribulation, but bring victory. We cannot have victory without a battle. When God sent the children of Israel to take their promised land, they had to fight for it. Yes, it was theirs, but they had to step out and take it - they had to battle their enemies for it. It was theirs by faith, and the battle was their pathway to possessing the promise God gave them.

The children of Israel had already spent four hundred years in slavery and forty years in the desert - they had suffered a lot. So, you may think the promised land for them meant a vacation from their suffering. Yet, it was then God put them to work. They didn't just walk into the promised land and set up house. No. They had to fight for it. They incurred one battle after another, but they knew every battle they faced meant more victory - more blessing.

When the children of Israel entered the promised land of Canaan God gave them victory over every foe they encountered. The reputation of Israel's God so terrified the inhabitants of Canaan that five kings from the southern region decided to band together to fight them, but were sorely defeated. And in Joshua 11, believing their only hope of defeating Israel was in a massive united force, thirty-one kings from the northern regions of Canaan came against Israel with all their might. Their great armies banded together to fight them, and were a formidable force. Still, though thirty-one armies strong, they stood no chance against the God of Israel. Through a clear and decisive victory on the battlefield, Joshua slaughtered all the other kings and their people, utterly destroying them all. 

We can look around us at the wickedness of our generation and think hopeless thoughts of defeat. But is that what God desires of us? Are we supposed to just lay back and let the world fall to pieces? I don't think so. I think, especially in this day, God wants to show the world His power. Like Egypt in the days of Moses, they will see it and recognize He is the one true God.

God desires to pour out His spirit in a mighty way - to demonstrate to masses of people just how powerful He truly is. Without a demonstration of His power, those who have been led astray by the anti-Christ spirit prevalent in today's society may not have a chance to choose Him. This is simply because they have not been given the opportunity to know Him as He truly is.

Do they know He is a God who loves, heals and delivers? God wants them to know His power and who He is. We must step out in faith and fight the battle to reveal His power to the world.

"My great glory will be displayed through [the battle you face]. When my glory is displayed through them, all [the world] will see my glory and know that I am the Lord!" Exodus 14:17.

Revival is Coming
As the church, we should be preparing all our people for another great awakening. This preparation is key to the success of God's last outpouring because we need warriors to fight for the souls of men - those who will expect victory in every battle.

Revival is coming. God is not done yet. He is sending His Spirit once again to penetrate the darkness and rescue those who will believe in Him. We have to prepare for it. We have to expect it. We must align our hearts with His in order to prepare for victory.

If we do not expect God to act, we will not prepare, and if we do not prepare, we will suffer great loss. Ask the Lord, "What do you want us to do to prepare?" Then, follow Him closely and trust Him completely - lean on His wisdom, not on your own (see Proverbs 3:5) and you will have a great victory. Obey His leading and do not deviate from His council (see Joshua 1:7).

We need to shake off passivity and BELIEVE He needs us - each one of us. We are not destined to just sit in a pew - no one is. We are called of God to prepare His people to display His power and love - to know Him and teach those who want Him. The Lord is coming again, and He will come for ALL who want to know Him - He doesn't want anyone left out. We must prepare ourselves for this - we must prepare to reap a mighty harvest before His return.

Preparing for Victory
So, pastors and church leaders, intercessors and teachers, prophets and evangelists, mothers and fathers, tell those under your care to prepare themselves. Now is the time to get ready - we do not have much time left. We must focus, train and build, for His kingdom is coming to this generation and we must stay vigilant - not doubt - expect. For, God wants to reveal His power as He did in the days of the exodus from Egypt (see Exodus 3:19-22). Follow Him and you will defeat your enemies.

Remember the fields God talked about in John 4:35: "The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So, pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields." The fields are white and we need laborers. God needs YOU!  So, get ready... revival is coming. Victory is coming. The battle for the lost is at hand and you are needed. The Kings will attack, bringing us another great victory for God's kingdom.

Have no fear, believe for more! God wants to pour out His power!

"Go through the camp and tell the people to get their provisions ready..." (Joshua 1:11). It's time to battle for your promise land.

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