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You Create Your World!
Victoria Boyson

God created the world with His words and we can do the same with ours! Truly, we create the world we live in by the words we speak. Think about the last five words you've spoken. Are they words you would like to become manifest in your world?

The life of God, the very breath of God, is dwelling and living in us. His breath is alive. It has the power of life existing in it and that is the life He breathed into us when we were born. We are the vessels of the breath of God - He planned it that way.

But the enemy is constantly trying to compete for the breath of God in you. He wants to possess what God has given you. So when you speak, who's spirit are you making manifest through words? What are you giving birth to in the spirit-realm?

We have to ask ourselves these questions, because this is a matter of life and death. Life and death are in the power of your tongue (Proverbs 18:21), the power of your spirit, because God has given you that power - the power to create life! Truly, we are responsible for the world we make with our words and the atmosphere we create around us (Matthew 12:36).

The deceiver does not want you to think about this. He wants you to think you already know enough about this truth. But the Father has continually pressed me to speak again and again to His beloved body that we need to stop cursing the world around us with our words.

As His church, we are to be His light to the world, yet we have the power to create death and darkness as well. Yes, us! We actually are releasing darkness when we speak curses, when we speak the negative outcome of what we fear, or even hateful words of revenge against others.

Manifest Him
Our beautiful Father has imparted His Spirit to us. Until you die, the breath of God is in your body. So, naturally this is a huge attraction for the enemy. Satan does not want you to make God's life manifest to the world. He wants to wrestle you and hold you down, burdening you with his lies and bondages, because He is terrified of you manifesting the God of the universe!

Sin came into the world to hold us in bondage, but through Christ we are set free. Through this freedom, we have come back to the original intention God has for us: to be the light of the world and transform this planet. Like Israel in the land of Egypt, the enemy wants us busy making endless bricks of destruction, to create the world the enemy dreams of - to wall us in and keep us from shining our light to the world around us. God says, "Stop! Aren't you tired of making bricks?"

Aren't you tired of living like the world around you? You do not have to live in fear, hatred or depression. You have the LIFE of God living in you. You have His Spirit to comfort and teach you!
You have the Word of God as your treasure! You have everything you need inside you in His breath... you just need to release it! God has chosen to make Himself manifest through you - His creation.

The words you speak create the atmosphere around you. If you speak life into the atmosphere, you will dwell in the atmosphere of life - you will manifest LIFE! If you speak the negative, the fearful, the hateful words of the enemy, you are releasing death into the atmosphere and you will have to live in it!

God's Health Food!
Our Father is, indeed, the ALPHA and OMEGA, He is the BEGINNING and the LAST! All things are summed up in HIM! He is our physical life, our spiritual life and our eternal life. It is all found in HIM! 

Our physical bodies need vitamins and nutrients to live healthfully. If we eat junk, we feel junky, but if we eat carrots, broccoli and peas, if we eat all the good things He's provided for us, we feel life prospering inside us. 

As God created our physical food, He also created our spiritual food - spiritual food that will help us grow and live the abundant life He promised and He longs so greatly for us to live in. Our spiritual food is far more important than our physical food.

God told me that when you go on a diet, it doesn't mean that you just stop eating the bad food that makes you sick. DIET is actually the healthy food plan of quality foods He's designed for us to make us STRONG!

It makes sense then that since He created us with His words of life, He intended for us to have the same quality diet of the words we speak, not just for others, but for ourselves. He wants us to nourish ourselves, body, soul and spirit with positive, life-building words. Indeed, words that back up and empower our Father's truth about who we are and who He wants us to be.

Yes, that means it is important for us on a daily basis to speak the health-filled words He designed for us! Thus, in those words we create our world and we get to choose what that world looks and feels like. We get to create and name the days we live. Did you know you can name a day? You can name every day if you want to.

What do you choose to name this day? Is it glorious? Is it breathtaking? Is it snuggle with Jesus day!?! Is it your spiritual wedding day? Everyday can be your wedding day with the Bridegroom - He is anticipating it, I can feel it.

This Fall Season is Glory Falling Season
This is the day of the captives of His glory! We are living in this day and we are releasing His glory into the atmosphere with our heart WORDS, words that come from our hearts. So, stand up and let the world know - THERE'S A LIVING GOD!

God showed me that His bride is very pregnant and feels miserable. But in October 2013 our water broke, in November it's our time to push and travail to give birth to release the GLORY of God into the universe and in December we will see the delivery we've been waiting for - BREAKTHROUGH!!!

Open your mouth! Speak His truth and take captives with His glory! Leave a legacy of your words on this earth. Speak over your family, over your children and grandchildren and fill them with an inheritance of your life-producing words.

Beloved, I say to you: You are His beloved, you are victorious, you are glorious, you are stalwart, you are an overcomer, you are blessed, you are creative, you are the light of the world and the salt of the earth, you are the righteousness of God in Christ, you are the healed, you are the redeemed, you are accepted, you are loved and you are favored, you are prosperous, you are successful and a you are a blessing, you are the heir of God and you are the living and breathing radiant example of God's goodness on the earth!

Beloved, you are an army of LIGHT! CREATE YOUR WORLD and make it a good one, full of His life, His love and His beaming glory.

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