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Look Beyond What You See:
          We Are Entering the Days of Our Enemy's Terror!
Victoria Boyson

If you want to know your future, watch as the fear rises on your enemies. Through their reactions, you will see that God, Himself, has entered into our midst and will rise and be found in every place on the planet. He will make Himself known in the bars and brothels. He will reveal Himself to Muslims, Buddhists and satanists alike. He will not be boxed, caged or tamed. He will roar over the nations and He will not stop until you feel Him as He wants you to feel Him.

Do you sense the fear of the armies of darkness? Frantically, they try to destroy what God is releasing. Almost screaming, they wail out the destruction of the Lord's people. They are terrified. I've never in my life seen or sensed such fear from the armies of darkness. Truly, our enemies can see and feel something SUPERNATURAL building in the atmosphere and they are terrified.




The Eye of the Tiger

God Is Releasing WOMEN To Reap A Great Harvest Souls!

God Told Me To Share My Secret Weapon With You

Seventeen Years of Grace Beginning in 201 7

For Those Who Endure Slander: God Honors the Faithful
By Cassandra Boyson

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God is abounding in His love for you and He wants you to receive it from Him no matter how you may have been treated by those professing to know Him. If they had truly known Him, they would have loved you. Indeed, you are the very apple of His eye. You are the sole purpose of Christ's death and resurrection. It was for you He died.

Please receive His gift of grace and allow Him to forgive you of your past and give you a fresh start for your future. This is what He wants to do for you. Don't deny Him the pleasure of touching your life today and making you brand new!

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Welcome, dear friends.

I'm so glad you visited my website today. I thoroughly hope you enjoy it and it feeds LIFE into your spirit.

It is my heart's desire that you know and understand the Father's love for you, and that you live in the freedom and authority that Jesus bought with His blood just for you.

You are precious to Him and so you're precious to us!



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